Slashdot: Plants ‘Hijacked’ To Make Polio Vaccine

Plants ‘Hijacked’ To Make Polio Vaccine
Published on August 16, 2017 at 12:40AM
Plants have been “hijacked” to make polio vaccine in a breakthrough with the potential to transform vaccine manufacture, say scientists. From a report: The team at the John Innes Centre, in Norfolk, says the process is cheap, easy and quick. As well as helping eliminate polio, the scientists believe their approach could help the world react to unexpected threats such as Zika virus or Ebola. Experts said the achievement was both impressive and important. The vaccine is an “authentic mimic” of poliovirus called a virus-like particle. Outwardly it looks almost identical to poliovirus but — like the difference between a mannequin and person — it is empty on the inside.
It has all the features needed to train the immune system, but none of the weapons to cause an infection.

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