Pensioni: via libera alla manovra al Senato, ecco le novità

Novità su #Pensioni, bonus bebè, web tax e tanto altro ancora: il disegno di legge di Bilancio 2018 ha tagliato oggi il suo primo traguardo a Palazzo Madama. L'aula del Senato della Repubblica [VIDEO], con 149 voti a favore e 93 contro, ha approvato la fiducia all'esecutivo nel medesimo giorno in cui il …
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Deleghe strategiche agli uomini più affidabili

A dieci giorni dal suo insediamento, come anticipato lo scorso 18 novembre, il presidente della Regione Siciliana, Nello Musumeci, ha ufficializzato la composizione del suo Governo. Oggi pomeriggio si terrà la prima riunione di Giunta. Questa la
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Blue Apron loses its CEO

Blue Apron founder Matt Salzberg is stepping aside as the company’s CEO, the company announced Thursday. CFO Brad Dickerson has been promoted to take his place.

It’s been a volatile past few months for the cooking kit company, which went public in June. Shares closed Thursday at just $2.99. Blue Apron had gone public at $10 per share, after originally hoping to go public between $15 and $17.

But Amazon purchased Whole Foods just days before its debut and investors were concerned that this would eventually impact Blue Apron. There was also skepticism about Blue Apron’s customer retention.

Blue Apron’s costly new warehouse also put a dip in investor enthusiasm, as it was revealed that the company would spend less on marketing to help finance it. Marketing had been a key element of Blue Apron’s growth.

Salzberg will be staying on as Executive Chairman and Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Blue Apron laid off 6% of its employees last month.

Competitor HelloFresh  [...]  read more

Google may merge with Nest (again) to better take on Amazon

The race to create the best “connected home” system is in full swing now, especially with new, serious competition from the likes of Amazon. 

As such, it’s hard to be surprised by a new report from the Wall Street Journal that Google’s parent company Alphabet is considering merging Google and Nest again. Unfortunately, the sources who relayed the information don’t give much more information than that.

TechRadar asked Google for a response, and Google merely replied that it declined to comment.

Google and Nest — a home automation company — were split in 2015 following the creation of Alphabet, only a year after Google bought Nest for $3.2 billion. Apparently this type of independence hasn’t been working out as well as planned. The seeds of the rumored merger were already in place last year, when a number of Nest employees were brought over to Google to integrate voice commands with Nest’s thermostats and camera feeds.

A closer relationship could [...]  read more

Homeland Security claims DJI drones are spying for China

Part of the memo focuses on targets that the LA ICE office believes to be of interest to DJI. “DJI’s criteria for selecting accounts to target appears to focus on the account holder’s ability to disrupt critical infrastructure,” it said. The memo goes on to say that DJI is particularly interested in infrastructure like railroads and utilities, companies that provide drinking water as well as weapon storage facilities. The LA ICE office concludes that it, “assesses with high confidence the critical infrastructure and law enforcement entities using DJI systems are collecting sensitive intelligence that the Chinese government could use to conduct physical or cyber attacks against the United States and its population.”

The accusation that DJI is using its drones to spy on the US and scope out particular facilities for the Chinese government seems pretty wacky and the company itself told the New [...]  read more

Here’s what rumored Trump CIA pick Tom Cotton thinks about surveillance, Russia and other issues

As rumors build that the Trump administration plans to boot Rex Tillerson from his post atop the State Department in order to replace him with Mike Pompeo, it’s worth examining who would lead the CIA in Pompeo’s absence. Trump is reportedly considering Arkansas Republican Tom Cotton to replace Pompeo as the head of the CIA — a pick that isn’t uncontroversial given Cotton’s deep Trump loyalty and relative intelligence inexperience.

The insanity of treating these massively consequential roles as interchangeable aside, here’s a bit of background on Cotton in case the rumors come to pass.

Who is Tom Cotton?

An Army veteran, Cotton served two combat tours in the Iraq war where he received a Bronze Star, among other decorations. He served one term in the House before joining the Senate in 2014 where he is serving his first term.

What does Cotton do in the Senate?

Cotton serves on the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, the Joint Economic Committee and the Senate Committee [...]  read more

Nobel Prize-Winning Economist Says Bitcoin “Ought to be Outlawed”

Stiglitz told Bloomberg that “Bitcoin is successful only because of its potential for circumvention, lack of oversight.” He continued, offering a harsh rebuke and recommendation for the future of the world's most popular and successful cryptocurrency, “So it seems to me it ought to be outlawed. It doesn't …
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Don’t Stop the Presses! When Local News Struggles, Democracy Withers

Thomas Peele’s friend keeps bugging him. “Are you going to win?” the friend writes over Facebook. “I think you’re going to win.” “What are you going to do when you win?” “Shut up,” Peele thinks. He’s an old-school watchdog reporter. Blue eyes that bore into you. Fewer words, better.

It’s a Monday in April, and Peele and his colleagues at the East Bay Times, a newspaper in Oakland, California, are waiting to find out whether they’ve won the biggest award in journalism. For five months the paper has been reporting on the fallout of a fire that killed 36 people when it ripped through an Oakland warehouse known as the Ghost Ship. Illegally converted into artist residences, the building had a tangled layout that made it hard to escape. The Times’ coverage has painted the tragedy—Oakland’s deadliest fire—as symptomatic of the city’s lax fire-code enforcement and its affordable-housing crisis.

Peele wonders if he should have bought a case of champagne; he saw a sale at the grocery store over the weekend. No, best he didn’t. You don’t want to jinx these things. They probably won’t win anyway. He tells himself the newsroom would have gotten a heads-up, right? While he sits in his cubicle, psyching himself down for defeat, two colleagues, David DeBolt and [...]  read more

Qualcomm seeks to ban iPhone X sales in the US with new lawsuit

Hot on the heels of Apple announcing its lawsuit against Qualcomm in an ever-growing legal battle, the Snapdragon chip maker has filed its own legal complaint that could see iPhone X sales banned in the United States.

Qualcomm levied a complaint to the US International Trade Commission (ITC) noting that several of Apple’s smartphones – ranging from the iPhone 7 to iPhone X – violate five of its patent. 

That’s far fewer than the 16 patent violations Qualcomm raised against Apple in its November 29 lawsuit, but they still cover a gamut of technologies including radio-frequency transceivers, depth-based imagery, an energy saving memory array and even on-off power phases.

Depending on the ITC decision to act on Qualcomm’s complaint, imports, and thus sales, of the iPhone X and other Apple products could be banned in the US. If Qualcomm were to win, a victory might cause the company to take further action against Apple with other agencies around the world – which we have already [...]  read more