Google’s Santa hub has you taking ‘elfies’ around the world

Naturally, Google is keeping up its tradition of launching a ‘live’ Santa tracker on the 24th (complete with a “where is Santa?” question in Google Assistant), and it’ll help schools get into the spirit by offering lessons focused on the educational games. Although there’s no guarantee that you’ll keep coming back, Google is clearly going out of its way to keep things fresh.

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Best PC gaming chair 2017: the best gaming chairs to play in comfort

Are you tired of hunching over your desk while gaming? Then it’s time to kick back and get comfy in one of the best PC gaming chairs 2017 has to offer, because when you’re sitting at your throne, you have every right to be royally comfortable. Then again, we get that it’s easier to grow complacent with your old clunker of a seat than to take the time to browse your options endlessly for an upgrade. 

For that reason, in classic TechRadar fashion, we’ve assembled buying guide for you. Being completely candid, there are a lot of gaming chairs you can choose from right now. Some are disguised as more traditional office chairs, donning all-black, ‘real leather’ designs, such is the case with our number one pick, the noblechairs Epic Real Leather. Others are intended to make you look like a race car driver, which is dope even if you’re mainly playing MOBAs.

Whatever your personal style and fashion taste, you can trust our opinions on the six best PC gaming chairs around. We don’t read more

Mapbox acquires augmented reality activity tracking app Fitness AR

Open-source mapping platform Mapbox has acquired activity tracking app Fitness AR, which allows users to view runs, hikes or cycling routes from Strava superimposed on a 3D map of the terrain. The announcement was made by Mapbox mobile VP Paul Veugen in a Medium post.

Mapbox will continue to deliver updates to the app, which will be dropping its $2.99 price and going free in the App Store starting today.

Fitness AR was among the first ARKit-enabled apps and was featured by Apple early on. The app utilized Mapbox’s Unity Maps SDK to visualize the terrain of the paths. Like most other ARKit-enabled apps, what the team built was definitely relatively simple, but it seems people at Mapbox really liked the implementation.

Fitness AR’s co-founders Adam Debreczeni and Eric Florenzano will be joining Mapbox as part of the acquisition to work on AR tech in verticals, including “travel, weather, fitness, sports and gaming,” according to the company.

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What Is Bitcoin and How the Heck Does it Work?

Bitcoin enthusiasts, however, argue that major fluctuations are normal for any developing system. Michael Rauchs, a cryptocurrency and blockchain expert at the Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge, told The Independent that he “would put it in the same category of revolutionary new …
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Twitter is making excuses for allowing hate speech

However, Twitter’s policy against hate speech clearly states that “You may not promote violence against or directly attack or threaten other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or disease. We also do not allow accounts whose primary purpose is inciting harm towards others on the basis of these categories.”

The media policy today’s tweet references says that “Some forms of graphic violence or adult content may be permitted in Tweets when they are marked as sensitive media. However, you may not include this type of content in live video, or in profile or header images. Additionally, we may sometimes require you to remove media containing excessively graphic violence out of respect for the deceased and their families if we receive a request from their family or an authorized representative.”

Twitter’s two policies are vague and confusing at best, read more

Germany’s Coal Mines Could Have a Second Life in Clean Energy

This story originally appeared on Grist and is part of the Climate Desk collaboration.

It’s a sunny October day on the outskirts of the west German town of Bottrop. A quiet, two-lane road leads me through farm pasture to a cluster of anonymous, low-lying buildings set among the trees. The highway hums in the distance. Looming above everything else is a green A-frame structure with four great pulley wheels to carry men and equipment into a mine shaft. It’s the only visible sign that, almost three quarters of a mile below, Germany’s last hard coal lies beneath this spot.

Bottrop sits in the Ruhr Valley, a dense stretch of towns and suburbs home to 5.5 million people. Some 500,000 miners once worked in the region’s nearly 200 mines, producing as much as 124 million tons of coal every year.

Next year, that era will come to an end when this mine closes. The Ruhr Valley is in the midst of a remarkable transformation. Coal and steel plants have fallen quiet, one by one, over the course of the last half-century. Wind turbines have sprung up among old shaft towers and coking read more

Netflix has officially renewed ‘Stranger Things’ for a third season

What pleasant news to end the week on. Netflix announced today its plans to renew the hit Stranger Things for a third season. The announcement came shortly after Netflix asked the Twitterverse if the streaming media company should make another season.

The show’s creators, Matt and Ross Duffer, told Vulture back in August that the third season had already been approved. But now Netflix has made it official.

Season two of the show garnered an average of 15.8 million U.S. viewers within the first three days of its availability, according to some data from Nielsen. However, Netflix said Nielsen’s “math might be from the upside down.” Netflix said Nielsen’s numbers only measured a fraction of the actual amount of viewing that went down on the streaming site.

There’s no word on when we can expect the new season to drop, but it will continue to read more

PlayStation Experience 2017: how to watch

Despite the fact that it was only at E3 in June, it feels like an age since Sony revealed the dates for its fourth annual PlayStation Experience. After a long six months, though, December 8 is nearly here and Anaheim, California, is bracing itself for the thousands of PlayStation fans that will soon descend upon it. 

Sony has been busy hyping fans up for the event which will kick off with a presentation on Friday December 8 and run through to the end of Sunday December 10. 

Through some recent blog posts it’s been teasing the huge number of games that will appear at the show and releasing the schedule for the panels that will take place. 

Watching from afar

It’s not everyone that’s able to attend PlayStation Experience, however, and while those admiring from afar won’t be able to get hands on with the hundreds of games at the event they will still be able to watch all the panels that are taking place.

There aren’t any huge announcements to be expected at this year’s show but if you’re read more