Advertisers say Facebook plans to test pre-roll video ads for Watch shows after resisting the format (Garett Sloane/Ad Age)

  Garett Sloane / Ad Age:
Advertisers say Facebook plans to test pre-roll video ads for Watch shows after resisting the format  —  Facebook plans to test video ads at the start of Watch shows, according to advertisers who are familiar with the social network's strategy, exploring what would be a significant shift. - fake news discovered by Livio Acerbo here

Cryptocurrency is accomplishing PayPal's original mission

In a 2014 editorial titled “Bitcoin is the New PayPal,” we made the case that PayPal's history could provide insight on Bitcoin's future. Specifically, we argued that, in the short term, the Bitcoin ecosystem would expect a bumpy ride from fraudsters, but with some precautions the various players in the …
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This Ukrainian Shipping Firm is Using Bitcoin to Evade Sanctions

Bitcoin whales whose cryptocurrency is burning a hole in their hot wallet may also be interested in Surf Air. “The future of travel meets the future of money” proclaims the charter flight company, which now accepts bitcoin and ethereum. For around 6.5 BTC a year, customers can enjoy unlimited global …
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A Hidden Supercluster Could Solve the Mystery of the Milky Way

Glance at the night sky from a clear vantage point, and the thick band of the Milky Way will slash across the sky. But the stars and dust that paint our galaxy’s disk are an unwelcome sight to astronomers who study all the galaxies that lie beyond our own. It’s like a thick stripe of fog across a windshield, a blur that renders our knowledge of the greater universe incomplete. Astronomers call it the Zone of Avoidance.

Quanta Magazine

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Original story reprinted with permission from Quanta Magazine, an editorially independent publication of the Simons Foundation whose mission is to enhance public understanding of science by covering research developments and trends in mathematics and the physical and life sciences.

Renée Kraan-Korteweg has spent her career trying to uncover what lies beyond the zone. She first caught a whiff of something spectacular in the background when, in the 1980s, she found hints of a potential cluster of objects on old photographic survey plates. Over the next few decades, the hints of a large-scale structure kept coming.

Late last year, Kraan-Korteweg and colleagues announced that they had discovered an enormous cosmic structure: a “supercluster” of thousands upon thousands of galaxies. The collection spans 300 million light years, stretching both read more

This Italian town is thought to be so haunted the locals won't even say its name

In addition to the chandelier myth, tales of witches, wizards and “masciare” — women throughout Southern Italy in the 1950s who were believed to be sorceresses with magical abilities — were passed down through generations. An elderly Colobraro masciare with deep wrinkles got the reputation of …
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UK cyber security chief warns government against using Kaspersky

Kaspersky has been under fire these past few months after allegations came out that it’s been working with the Russian government to steal classified data from the US and Israel. In September, Best Buy pulled copies of the anti-virus from its shelves, and the US government officially banned its federal agencies from using it shortly afterward. In an effort to salvage what’s left of its reputation, the company announced in October that it’s giving third-party checkers access to its source code for review.

Despite Martin’s warning, the UK government isn’t writing off Kaspersky forever. The Cyber Security Centre is working with the company to develop a framework that it can independently verify and use to prevent Russia from getting its hands on the country’s secrets.

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