Slow start expected for new bitcoin futures

Trading in highly-anticipated bitcoin futures may start slowly as tight risk limits imposed by banks and brokers prevent all but a handful of investors using the … Garrett See, chief executive of DV Chain, a cryptocurrency trader in Chicago, said his company would be trading from day one, though he too …
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Slashdot: Top iOS Apps of 2017: Bitmoji Beats Snapchat, YouTube, and Facebook Messenger

Top iOS Apps of 2017: Bitmoji Beats Snapchat, YouTube, and Facebook Messenger
Published on December 10, 2017 at 11:27PM
An anonymous reader quotes CNN:
Apple has unveiled its list of most downloaded iOS apps of the year, and topping the list is free custom emoji app Bitmoji… Bitmoji soared to the top of the list, thanks to an integration with Snapchat. (Snapchat’s parent company acquired Bitmoji last year for an unknown amount)… Users must download the Bitmoji app to use it with Snapchat.

Fittingly, the main Snapchat app took second place, despite a tough year on Wall Street that was attributed to slow user growth. Snapchat was the most downloaded app of 2016. Google’s YouTube took the number three spot this year, while Facebook’s Messenger and Instagram placed fourth and fifth, respectively.

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New ‘Ready Player One’ trailer reveals more of the real-world story

As with Ernest Cline’s book, the story centers on Wade Watts and his bid to win James Halliday’s Easter Egg hunt, which promises both half a trillion dollars and (more importantly) control of OASIS. That, in turn, leads to an ideological battle — Wade and fellow competitor Art3mis are racing to find all the clues before the megacorporation IOI gets them and exploits OASIS for profit. Wade is effectively drafted into a resistance movement, and his moves will have consequences in both VR and real life.

There aren’t quite as many tributes to digital culture as in the first trailer, but there are a few pleasant surprises — there’s even a certain iconic Overwatch character that shows up. It’s hard to say if Ready Player One will live up to the rapidly mounting hype when it premieres on March 30th. However, the trailer shows that Spielberg and crew are aware that clever references and dazzling visuals aren’t enough to carry the movie.

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Futures trading to begin for Bitcoin

One of the largest exchange holding companies will launch trading of Bitcoin futures Sunday, as the value of the popular digital currency surges. Trading on Bitcoin futures through the CBOE Futures Exchange (CFE) was scheduled to start at 6 p.m. ET, to coincide with the start of global trading hours.
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La 7: a «Non è l'Arena», Giletti si occupa di banche e pensioni

Banche e pensioni, ma anche lo scandalo prostituzione di Avellino e i 30 anni di Striscia La Notizia. Nuova puntata, domenica 10 dicembre alle 20.30 su La7 per Non è l'Arena il programma di Massimo Giletti. Ospiti del dibattito su gli scandali delle banche e la disparità dei trattamenti pensionistici, …
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Arriva la neve: più estesa in montagna, meno in pianura

Sabato l'allerta della Protezione Civile lombarda: rischio neve a quote basse dalle 12 di domenica. Vediamo cosa ci aspetta con le previsioni del Centro Meteorologico Lombardoi. di Redazione – 10 dicembre 2017 – 6:45. Commenta; Stampa; Invia notizia
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Mega bitcoin gains come with megabyte tax

Also Read. Bitcoin craze: Google gives bitcoin currency status & converter · Coinbase: The heart of the bitcoin frenzy · How to ride the bitcoin rally in India · This is what could pop the bitcoin bubble · Bitcoin likely to split into two, thanks to bitcoin cash. Comments. Add Your Comments …
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