More Unix Tools Coming To Windows 10

More Unix Tools Coming To Windows 10
Published on December 24, 2017 at 11:39PM
Long-time Slashdot reader Billly Gates brings news about beta 4 of Redstone (the Spring version of Windows 10’s Creators Update for 2018):

  • Beta 4 of Redstone aka Build 17063 includes BSD utilities bsdtar and curl from the command prompt and Unix sockets (AF_Unix). These are also rumored to be part of a future version of Windows Server.
  • WSL will now run background tasks and will continue to run them even after the command prompt window is closed…
  • A previous story mentioned a discovered OpenSSH for Windows… OpenSSH and VPN can now be accessed via PowerShell in remote connections via the PSRemote commandlet. With the extra background support added you can for example keep a Secure Shell session open on a server/client and reconnect later.
  • Also a tool is available called WSLPath to convert Linux to Windows path options

There will also be some graphical Windows Shell improvements with Microsoft’s design language, and “Timeline,” a new way to resume past activities…

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