Il giallo del manager scomparso in Svizzera, il corpo trovato in un appartamento di Milano

E’ stato ritrovato dalla polizia a Milano il corpo dell’imprenditore Enrico Maccari. Il cadavere del manager residente in Svizzera, 55 anni, si trovava in un appartamento in via Fratelli Pozzi 1, vicino a viale Monza e non lontano da dove il 29 dicembre scorso era stata trovata la sua auto.Maccari, che fino a poco tempo fa lavorava alla Bayer e di recente aveva trovato un nuovo lavoro come direttore in un’altra azienda chimico farmaceutica, era scomparso la sera di Natale. Aveva 55 anni, era nato a Lecco, ma risiedeva a Giubiasco, in Canton Ticino. Lascia quattro figli e una ex moglie. Nei giorni precedenti alla scomparsa non aveva mostrato segni di malessere o preoccupazione, i figli ripetono di averlo visto sereno.

Nell’abitacolo della vettura erano state trovate alcune scatole di medicinali, il computer e altri oggetti personali, ma non i documenti, le carte di credito e i due telefoni cellulari. Al momento non è ancora noto il motivo per il quale l’uomo [...]  read more

Lidia Macchi, sul corpo 4 capelli di un uomo sconosciuto: non è Binda

Non sono stati trovati peli o capelli riconducibili all’imputato Stefano Binda sulla salma di Lidia Macchi, la studentessa ventenne uccisa nel 1987 le cui spoglie sono state riesumate per capire se vi fossero o meno elementi del dna riconducibili all’uomo accusato dell’omicidio. Spuntano però quattro capelli, senza bulbo, che i periti incaricati dal gip hanno trovato nella zona pubica: appartengono tutti alla stessa persona e secondo gli esperti non sono riconducibili né a Stefano Binda né a un familiare della ragazza uccisa. Sarebbero dunque di un altro uomo. È la novità emersa martedì nell’aula gip del tribunale di Varese, dove i quattro periti hanno esposto i risultati della relazione. Vi sarebbe «alta probabilità» che le formazioni pilifere – che data la lunghezza i [...]  read more

How climate change is turning green turtle populations female in the northern Great Barrier Reef

How climate change is turning green turtle populations female in the northern Great Barrier Reef

    <img width="660" height="495" alt="" src="" /><img width="660" height="495" alt="" src="" />A new study reveals rising temperatures are turning green turtle populations almost completely female in the northern Great Barrier Reef.&nbsp;

More than 200,000 nesting females—one of the largest populations in the world—call the northern Great Barrier Reef home. But this population could eventually crash without more males, according to the study published in Current Biology

How does climate change impact sex?

Because incubation temperature of turtle eggs determines the animal’s sex, a warmer nest results in more females. Increasing temperatures in Queensland’s north, linked to climate change, have led to virtually no male northern green sea turtles being born.

For the study, scientists caught green turtles at the Howick [...]  read more

Xbox One adds do not disturb mode for distraction-free gaming

Other incoming features include new ways of tracking Achievement progress and changes to commenting on social feed posts. More granularity for auto-shutdown timing is en route as well, with options that will turn the console off after two, three, four and five hours.

The update is rolling out today for folks who are in the Alpha ring of the Xbox Insider program, and there are further experimental updates coming as well. Everyone else should see the new features over the next few weeks. Maybe game defaults are next so we don’t have to select things like manual transmissions in racing games or inverted Y-axis in every single title — a feature the Xbox 360 launched with over 12 years ago.

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YouTube offers non-apology over Logan Paul controversy

YouTube has finally responded to that disgusting Logan Paul video. In a series of tweets the site says “The channel [Logan Paul] violated our community guidelines, we acted accordingly, and we are looking at further consequences.”

The statement spans five tweets and ends by saying the site will reveal steps its taking to prevent this from happening again.


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Hedge fund managers reap 3175% profit off bitcoin in 2017

The HFR Cryptocurrency Index rose 88 percent in December and 3,175 for all of 2017. A similar blockchain index posted respective returns of 88 percent and 2,690 percent. That performance was part of a larger trend that saw hedge funds up every month of the year for a total return of 8.5 percent, …
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SFGATE: Bannon leaves Breitbart News after break with Trump

Bannon leaves Breitbart News after break with Trump
Published on January 09, 2018 at 10:25PM by
WASHINGTON (AP) — Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon is stepping down as chairman of Breitbart News Network after a public break with President Donald Trump.
Breitbart announced Tuesday that Bannon would step down as executive chairman of the conservative news site.
A report on the Breitbart website quotes Bannon saying, “I’m proud of what the Breitbart team has accomplished in so short a period of time in building out a world-class news platform.”
Trump has lashed out at Bannon for comments made in an explosive new book that questions the president’s fitness for office.
Bannon has tried to make amends. He issued a statement Sunday praising the president’s eldest son.

James Dolan, Co-Creator of SecureDrop, Dead At 36

James Dolan, Co-Creator of SecureDrop, Dead At 36
Published on January 09, 2018 at 10:40PM
The Freedom of the Press Foundation is reporting that James Dolan, former Marine and co-creator of the whistleblower submission system SecureDrop alongside Aaron Swartz and Wired editor Kevin Poulsen, has died at age 36. He reportedly took his own life. Gizmodo reports: First deployed as StrongBox with The New Yorker, organizations such as the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Associated Press, and Gizmodo Media Group have all come to rely on SecureDrop — which allows highly secure communication between journalists and sources in possession of sensitive information or documents. As an industry tool, it has become invaluable for reporters. Dolan joined the Freedom of the Press Foundation to maintain SecureDrop after co-creator Aaron Swartz took his life in 2013 at age 26, as pressure mounted in a federal investigation against him that [...]  read more

SFGATE: Steve Bannon Leaves Breitbart News

Steve Bannon Leaves Breitbart News
Published on January 09, 2018 at 10:13PM by Jon Levine, provided by

Steve Bannon will be stepping down as Chairman and CEO of Breitbart News, TheWrap has learned.
The former White House chief strategist has faced strong headwinds after blasting Donald Trump Jr’s meeting with a Russian lawyer as “treasonous” in the new Michael Wolff book “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.”
In recent days, key allies have abandoned Bannon including Breitbart financier Rebekah Mercer.
More to come …
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Hulu reached more than 17M subscribers and $1B in ad revenue last year

Hulu announced today that it ended 2017 with more than 17 million subscribers in the United States.

That’s an increase of a little over 40 percent from the 12 million subscribers that Hulu announced back in March 2016.

The company says that its total audience grew to 54 million unique viewers last year, and that annual ad revenue reached $1 billion for the first time in the streaming service’s history.

The press release also highlights the recent awards success of The Handmaid’s Tale, which won Best Drama at the Emmys and Golden Globes. Is the critical acclaim for The Handmaid’s Tale driving Hulu’s audience growth? Well, the company says that in terms of hours watched, its top three dramas last year were Law and Order: SVU, This is Us and, yes, The Handmaid’s Tale. (It kinda seems like Law and Order has an unfair advantage here since there are so many episodes.)

Meanwhile, the top comedies were South Park, Family Guy and Bob’s Burgers.

“2017 was a momentous year for [...]  read more