EE slashes up to £204 on SIM only deals and offers free BT Sport app access

Did somebody say that the January sales were over? Not according to EE, which has just massively reduced two of its best SIM only deals. If you’re after a new SIM plan for your phone and need more than 10GB of data a month, then these are well worth a look.

The biggest saving is on the network’s 30GB Max Plan, which is down from a (frankly barmy) £41.99 per month to a much more competitive £24.99. That’s a £204 saving over the course of the two year contract.

Perhaps more tempting is the £156 saving on EE’s 12GB SIM only tariff. That’s down to £19.99 per month. And because it’s also on EE’s Max Plan, you get the added perks of access to the BT Sport app for the duration of the contract, as well as the ability to use your data, calls and texts in the EU, US, Australia and more.

EE SIM only deal offers in full:

What else do I get with EE?

The main draw to EE SIM only deals is the need for speed. EE is the very fastest 4G network in the UK – roughly 50% faster than what O2 and Vodafone are able to offer. So if you regularly use your phone away from the Wi-Fi for surfing, streaming and downloading, then you may well appreciate the extra pace.

Plus, EE gives you six months of Apple Music. And the Apple Music use won’t eat into your data allowance, so no need to worry about exceeding your limits.

Today’s best SIM only deals

These tasty discounts make EE competitive when it comes to SIM only deals, but it’s still not the cheapest network. That honour goes to the Carphone Warehouse-owned brand iD, which has tariffs starting at less than a fiver a month. And the higher your data requirements, the more impressive Three SIM only deals become.

To see all of today’s cheapest tariffs, you can head to our best SIM only deals guide. Or, even more conveniently, simply check out the comparison chart below for up-to-the-minute pricing…

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