Meet the Star Wars Fan Building a Full-Scale Millennium Falcon

In the world of Star Wars fandom, there are fans, and then there are fans: the cosplayers, the Funko completists, the crawl-reciters. And then there’s Greg Dietrich, who has spent the last six years of his free time building a full-size replica of the Millennium Falcon’s iconic cockpit in a garage in Huntsville, Alabama.

Today, in fact, isn’t just Star Wars Day—it’s the sixth anniversary of Dietrich’s decision to build the ship’s flight console. A few days later he first posted his plan to, a clearinghouse for enthusiasts who create “screen accurate” props, including furniture.

“As I’m posting images of the build,” recalls Dietrich, “someone says ‘you know if you build the console you’ve got to build the back wall.'” Before long others were chiming in, goading him into a project that most certainly is not making the jump to lightspeed anytime soon.

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Tesla Stock Plunged After Elon Musk’s ‘Bizarre’ Conference Call

Tesla Stock Plunged After Elon Musk’s ‘Bizarre’ Conference Call
Published on May 06, 2018 at 12:34AM
A recent Bloomberg article describes Elon Musk’s “bizarre” conference call on Wednesday — and its aftermath on Wall Street.
Elon Musk told investors not to buy Tesla Inc. shares if they can’t stomach volatility. They got the message. The comments — part of a bizarre, heated conference call after the close Wednesday — sent the electric-car maker’s stock plunging. Tesla fell as much as 8.6 percent Thursday after the chief executive officer rejected analysts’ questions on another quarter in which the company burned more than $1 billion in cash.
Investors had shorted a total of more than 40 million shares by Thursday — the most ever in Tesla history — and despite a rise in Tesla’s stock price on Friday, they shorted 500,000 more shares.

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UK orders Cambridge Analytica to provide data on US voter

Carroll had requested his data in January 2017, well before the Cambridge Analytica data sharing scandal became public. However, he received significant pushback. Cambridge Analytica initially gave him just a small amount of data, and he wrote to the ICO in September concerned that the company wasn’t being honest. The firm “refused” to address questions, the ICO said, and “incorrectly” claimed that Carroll had to be a UK citizen or resident to access his data. It even denied that the ICO had any authority and likened its requests to harassment.

Cambridge Analytica hasn’t officially responded to the order so far, but it won’t have much choice. If there’s a “continued refusal” to cooperate, it may violate an Enforcement Notice and face criminal action.

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