10 Best Wireless Gaming Headsets of 2018 (PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch)

(Works with Xbox/PC) Thanks to the never-ending war between Sony and Microsoft, you’ll need to buy a separate Stealth 600 if you want to use it on Xbox, too. All the benefits are the same as the PS4 version listed above, but the Xbox version does not have vocal cues to switch between audio preset—just beeps. They work well enough. Like the PS4 version, this is not the greatest headset ever, but it’s the best bang for your buck, giving you a host of premium features, like mic monitoring, and dongle-free wireless, at a low price. Read our review for more details.
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Uber doubles down on partnership with NASA for flying taxi service

Uber will hand over the details for its taxi service to NASA, which will simulate issues like air traffic and potential collisions in routes over Dallas-Fort Worth, one of the two cities which agreed to host the future flying ride-hailing endeavor. The other is Los Angeles, where Uber made this announcement today during its second annual Elevate conference.

If Uber wants its flying taxi service to become a reality, it’s smart to deepen its relationship with a government agency that routinely handles logistics for ground-to-air traffic. But that’s not the only news out of the Elevate conference: The ride-hailing company is also partnering with the US Army to spend a combined $1 million on making and testing a “flying taxi” concept, according to The Verge.

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Maps walking navigation is Google’s most compelling use for AR yet

Google managed to elicit an audible gasp from the crowd at I/O today when it showed off a new augmented feature for Maps. It was a clear standout during a keynote that contained plenty of iterative updates to existing software, and proved a key glimpse into what it will take to move AR from interesting novelty to compelling use case.

Along with the standard array of ARCore-based gaming offerings, the new AR mode for Maps is arguably one of the first truly indispensable real-world applications. As someone who spent the better part of an hour yesterday attempting to navigate the long, unfamiliar blocks of Palo Alto, California by following an arrow on a small blue circle, I can personally vouch for the usefulness of such an application.

It’s still early days — the company admitted that it’s playing around with a few ideas here. But it’s easy to see how offering visual overlays of a real-time image would make it a heck of a lot easier to navigate unfamiliar spaces.

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Google smart display platform release date is fast approaching

If you just can’t see yourself switching over from Google Assistant to Amazon Alexa anytime soon, we have some good news: Google just announced that it will launch its line-up of smart displays in July of this year. 

The smart display platform, in case you missed it at its debut during CES 2018, is a series of smart devices that put Google Assistant on a small screen Wi-Fi speaker, similar to what Amazon has done with the Amazon Echo Show

LG, Lenovo, JBL and Sony have all signed on to release a smart display speaker. 

When the speakers launch later this year, not only will they be packing Google Assistant, as promised, but also apps for YouTube TV alongside other new features.

Curious to see what a Google smart display speaker is like in person? Don’t miss our hands on first look at the LG WK9 with Google Assistant

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Google's bringing augmented reality support to Instant Apps

Google's bringing augmented reality support to Instant Apps … It's been two years since Google introduced Instant Apps, a Google Play feature … On iOS using Apple's ARKit, companies like Amazon have enabled an AR shopping …
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