PACIFIC • Seattle, Amazon screw the homeless

pacific jeff bezos jenny durkan bruce harrell newsletter seattle washington … The war that pitted Seattle's City Council against Amazon, Starbucks and … "Facebook and Google say they are tech companies — they are media … Media companies must scale up to compete with Apple, Amazon, Alphabet …
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La generosità dei privati per il Duomo di Milano, in sei anni raccolti 7 milioni di euro: 700mila dai cittadini

Mantenere il Duomo costa qualcosa come trenta milioni di euro all’anno. Un impegno poderoso che la Veneranda Fabbrica affronta per i restauri continui, come quello del Tiburio, dell’abside per mantenere le 135 guglie o per operazioni come il completamento dell’impianto di illuminazione. L’impegno dei milanesi e dei grandi mecenati è fondamentale. E la città ha risposto bene all’invito lanciato con ‘Adotta una guglia’. Dal 2012, anno in cui è stato lanciato il progetto sono stati raccolti 7 milioni di euro, 700mila euro dei quali sono arrivati non dai grandi gruppi ma dai cittadini e dagli affezionati.Duomo di Milano, la guglia della Madonnina adottata da Esselunga in ricordo di Caprotti
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New story in Technology from Time: Facebook: We’re Much Better at Spotting Nudity Than Hate Speech

(SAN FRANCISCO) — Getting rid of racist, sexist and other hateful remarks on Facebook is more challenging than weeding out other types of unacceptable posts because computer programs still stumble over the nuances of human language, the company revealed Tuesday.

Facebook’s self-assessment showed its policing system is far better at scrubbing graphic violence, gratuitous nudity and terrorist propaganda. Automated tools detected 86 percent to 99.5 percent of the violations Facebook identified in those categories.

For hate speech, Facebook’s human reviewers and computer algorithms identified just 38 percent of the violations. The rest came after Facebook users flagged the offending content for review.

Facebook also disclosed that it disabled nearly 1.3 billion fake accounts in the six months ending in March. Had the company failed to do so, its user base would have swelled beyond its current 2.2 billion. Fake accounts have gotten more attention in recent months after it was [...]  read more

Tesla Autopilot was engaged during 60 MPH crash, driver tells police

When interviewed by police, the Tesla’s 28-year-old driver “said that she had been using the ‘Autopilot’ feature,” and was looking at her phone shortly before the accident in South Jordan, near Salt Lake City, according to a statement Monday from South Jordan Police Sgt. Sam Winkler.


Winkler told The Deseret News that the diver, who hasn’t been identified by police, had entered an address into the car’s GPS and was looking on her phone for possible alternate routes. She “looked up just as the accident was about to happen,” he said.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk responded to the accident in a tweet Monday, saying that it was amazing the driver wasn’t more seriously injured. He also complained that the crash was being unfairly covered by the media, which he said often overly focuses on the Autopilot system while ignoring regular fatal highway accidents.

What’s actually amazing about this accident is that a Model [...]  read more

Vittorio Colao lascia la guida di Vodafone. Al suo posto Read

ROMA – Dopo 10 anni alla guida del secondo operatore di tlc al mondo, l'italiano Vittorio Colao è pronto a lasciare la carica di "capo esecutivo" di Vodafone. L'agenzia d'informazione Reuters, che riporta un comunicato aziendale, scrive anche che gli …
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Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus just got a big augmented reality boost

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus just got a big augmented reality (AR) boost, and no, we’re not talking more AR Emoji. 

The two flagship smartphones now support ARCore, Google’s platform for AR content creation and more immersive experiences. The Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus are now listed among a slew of other devices on the Google ARCore support page.

You may recall that, at launch, it was announced the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus would join the likes of the Galaxy S8, Google Pixel 2 and LG G6 in supporting ARCore. It seems that day has finally come to pass.

What does this mean for you? It means that you can download the ARCore app onto your S9 or S9 Plus and experience for yourself all of the ARCore-enabled apps and games in the Google Play Store.  

It’s good timing; in March, Google launched 60-plus ARCore experiences onto Google Play, including [...]  read more