A look into Bitcoin's troubled year

Last year, Bitcoin seemed nearly unstoppable. The world's most popular cryptocurrency rose to just under $20,000 and saw people investing heavily …
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The best Prime Day deals: how to get the best Amazon deals in July

Amazon Prime Day deals are coming your way in July and we want to help you find the best deals in what is usually the sales event of the summer.

Thanks to a leak we exclusively uncovered last week, it looks like Amazon Prime Day is probably going to start at midday on July 16th and carry on until midnight the following day on the 17th. That’s one hell of a long ‘day’ Amazon. The date has not been confirmed officially yet but we’ve got all our money firmly placed on those days.

We love a good deal here at TechRadar and we’ve been bringing you highlights of the best prices for years now around Prime Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Boxing Day, Memorial Day, bank holiday sales and every day in between too. And yes, we’ve got you covered for this weekend’s 4th of July sales too. So if you want to see the best deals rounded up by seasoned pros instead of seasonal enthusiasts, we’d very much like to see you right here on July 16th.

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Netflix martial arts series will feature ‘The Raid’ star Iko Uwais

Netflix has given yet another original the go-ahead to shoot 10 episodes: this time, it’s a martial arts sci-fi crime drama called Wu Assassins, and it will star Indonesian actor Iko Uwais. The name will most likely sound familiar to fans of the genre. Uwais played the lead character and did the fight choreography for Indonesian martial arts flick The Raid (and its sequel), which is possibly one of the greatest action movies ever made. According to Deadline, he’ll serve as the lead fight choreographer and stunt coordinator for the series, too. Hopefully, that means we can expect some heart-pumping, beautifully choreographed fight scenes.

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SteelSeries Arctis Gaming Headset Sale (and 10 Other Tech Deals)

Maybe you’re going to throw a giant barbecue for the 4th of July, and if you are, be sure to read our Grillin’ Gear picks. But backyard parties aren’t for everyone. If you’re planning to stay indoors and do a little gaming (or need other new tech), check out these deals. There is a great sale on WIRED’s favorite gaming headsets, and some other kickass discounts happening this weekend. As always, thanks to our friends at TechBargains for helping us find some of these deals.

Our Favorite Gaming Headsets are On Sale


The SteelSeries Arctis series currently tops our list of best gaming headsets, and a number of models are currently discounted on Amazon. Every Arctis Pro we’ve tested so far has impressed us.

Other Awesome Tech Deals


Vizio 50-inch M-Series LED 4K TV for $400 (Was $600) – We reviewed the Vizio E-Series, which is similar to this premium M-Series model. You can expect a brighter screen and more local dimming zones from the 50-inch M-Series. Vizio 55-inch P-Series LED 4K TV for $700 (Was $998) – The Vizio P-Series is even brighter than the M-Series and more local dimming zones still. Compare the TVs here. LG 60-inch LED 4K TV for $500 (Was $700) – This is a fantastic 4K TV for the price, and has low input lag for gaming. It also has a TV tuner, unlike the Vizios. The menus aren’t quite as fast as high-end TVs, but you should be using a 4K streaming device anyway! Solar-Powered Outdoor Motion Security Lights (2-Pack) for $20 (Was $40) – These are highly rated LED lights on Amazon. 2-Person Coleman Tent for $26 (Was $36)Not – There’s nothing super high tech about this tent, but it’s almost 4th of July, and if you’re in need of a decent camping tent, this might do the trick. Segway MiniLite Hoverboard for $298 (Was $400) – Segway’s hoverboards don’t have as many flashy lights as others, but they balance well, have air-filled tires, and can reach speeds up to 10mph. See them in action here. Apple Watch Series 1 with Bonus Band for $159 (Was $249) – The oldest Apple Watch is still quite usable and has gotten a discount this summer. It isn’t waterproof but will still do just about everything else other Apple Watches do. The larger 42mm Apple Watch is also on sale.

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Drake smashes single-day Apple Music and Spotify records (again)

There’s a not-so-secret reason as to why Drake is performing so well, though: both Apple and Spotify bent over backwards to promote Scorpion. Apple Music featured him prominently, added Siri responses to Drake-related questions (such as “what’s Drake’s nickname?”) and created a make-your-own-cover-art website. Spotify, meanwhile, went even further by inserting into numerous playlists, including unexpected ones like Afternoon Acoustic and Ambient Chill. If you used Spotify on the weekend of June 29th, you almost certainly saw some reference to Toronto’s best-known rap export.

Not that this thirst comes as much of a surprise. Drake was instrumental to Apple Music’s early success, due in no small part to his one-week Views [...]  read more