Samsung will reportedly debut its next Galaxy Note August 9th

Otherwise, Samsung fans can look forward to Bixby 2.0, which is debuting first on the Note 9 (note that the company hasn’t officially named its upcoming Note phone, but…c’mon). The device will be revealed at the tech giant’s “Unpacked” event in New York City, according to Bloomberg‘s sources, and Samsung plans to release it as early as the end of August.

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Google Won’t Renew Controversial Pentagon AI Project

The backlash to Google’s work on a US military artificial-intelligence project began inside the tech giant, but in recent weeks, it has spilled into the public. As employees resigned in protest over Google’s work with Project Maven, which uses AI to identify potential drone targets in satellite images, reports revealed top executives fretting over how it will be perceived by the public. On Friday, Google changed course, as Google Cloud CEO Diane Greene announced internally that the company will not renew the contract for Project Maven, according to Gizmodo. The current contract expires in 2019.

Google’s precise involvement in the project is not clear, but the relationship has caused enough controversy inside the company that several employees have quit in protest and more than 4,000 employees signed a petition arguing against the contract. Tensions intensified this week when reports [...]  read more

Telegram says its iOS app is updating again, one day after CEO decried Apple blocking it

What a difference a day — one with a public lament — makes. Today the CEO of Telegram Pavel Durov announced that the messaging app is updating again on iOS, putting to a close a six-week freeze, where Apple had stopped allowing Telegram to ship newer versions of the app globally. Apple has also confirmed to us that it’s now allowing updates of the app again.

“Amazing news – Apple has just successfully reviewed our latest update for Telegram iOS, and we were able to ship a new version with long awaited fixes and improvements to the AppStore,” he wrote earlier today.

The change in course comes just one day after Durov announced that there were some glitches in the app after the release of iOS 11.4 because Apple had stopped letting Telegram’s developers ship iOS updates globally. The lack of updates also meant that the app was not compliant with GDPR regulations.

But what is still not completely clear is why Apple blocked the updates in the first place, and what happened in the [...]  read more

macOS update delivers Messages in iCloud

There aren’t other stand-out features in 10.13.5, although it does include the usual host of security and bug fixes. Not that you’ll necessarily mind. If you’re fully immersed in Apple’s ecosystem, this could significantly improve your ability to keep track of a chat as you change devices throughout your day.

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Massive Visa Outage Shows the Fragility of Global Payments

On Friday, Visa’s payment network suffered outages across Europe, limiting transactions for both businesses and individuals. Banks and commerce groups began advising customers to use cash or other payment cards if possible, and reports indicated that online and contactless transactions were having more success than chip cards.

Though some Visa transactions still went through, the failure appeared widespread. The Financial Times even reported that some ATMs in the United Kingdom were already out of cash within a couple of hours of the first outage reports. Some observers saw in the outage a stark reminder of the fragility of payment networks, and the weaknesses in global economic platforms.

There were no immediate signs that the outages were a result of a cyberattack or other foul play, but Visa was quiet for hours about the source of the failure—reinforcing how complex these massive payment systems are and how difficult it is to recover from problems once they cascade [...]  read more