White Star Capital raises new $180M fund to help startups go international

Global venture capital firm White Star Capital has closed a second fund of $180 million, money it plans to invest in “transatlantic” companies that need help to go international. The VC already has a presence in London, New York, and Montreal, and as part if its new fund is adding Paris and Tokyo to the list.

Oversubscribed from an initial target of $140 million, apparently, White Star says it will invest in around 20 new companies from the new fund, writing opening cheques of between $1 million and $6 million. White Star’s first fund of $70 million closed in 2015 and the VC has backed around 26 startups to date. Notably, the firm has already invested in eight companies from its second fund.

They span Seed to Series B and include fintech and insurtech companies Borrowell (Canada) and Clark (Germany), as well as “disruptive commerce” models Vention (Canada), Meero (France), and Butternut Box (U.K.). The fund has [...]  read more

Monaco: Cryptocurrency in Every Wallet

Currently, the app and card support four cryptocurrencies—bitcoin, ether, … is to power the future of money and to put cryptocurrency in every wallet.”.
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Why Scientists Turned This Taxidermy Bird Into a Robot

This would be a whole lot harder if biologist Gail Patricelli didn’t have an excellent sense of humor. Because I’m expected to sit here like a professional and not guffaw at her invention: A real-life fembot, which is probably not what you’re imagining but instead a taxidermied bird stuck on wheels. It tears around a table in her lab, turning its head back and forth, stopping periodically to bend up and down, as if pecking at the ground. Patricelli laughs as she steers it around, which I take to mean I’m allowed to laugh too.

The fembot (Patricelli’s name for the contraption) is serious science, though, a machine that’s helping her tease apart the wild—and wildly complex—mating ritual of the sage grouse, a species under threat. Because it turns out it’s pretty easy to trick a male sage grouse into trying to mate with a robot.

The male sage grouse is perhaps the only thing more absurd than a female robotic sage grouse. When they gather to display in a mating [...]  read more

Microsoft is reportedly acquiring GitHub

New reports out of Redmond this weekend have Microsoft set to purchase the popular coding site GitHub. Bloomberg is citing “people familiar with the matter,” stating that the deal could be announced as early as tomorrow.

The new story follows similar reports late last week of discussions between the two parties. The deal certainly makes sense for Microsoft, as the software giant continues to actively court developers. As for GitHub, the company is said to have been “impressed” by Satya Nadella, who has actively courted coders and coding initiatives since taking the reins at the company, back in 2014.

“The opportunity for developers to have broad impact on all parts of society has never been greater,” Nadella told the crowd at his address during last year’s Build. “But with this opportunity comes enormous responsibility.”

Dramatic, perhaps, but acquiring GitHub would give the company access to some 27 million software developers — though not [...]  read more

Outgoing Missouri governor signs revenge porn law

The woman’s blackmail allegation wasn’t what ultimately forced him out of the governor’s office, though. In April, Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley announced that his team found evidence Greitens took a donor list from a charity he founded without permission. He then reportedly used the list for his own political fundraising. The former governor was forced to resign as part of his deal with a prosecutor to drop the felony charge against him for that particular issue.

Greitens was charged with first-degree felony invasion of privacy over the woman’s accusations, as well. That one was also dismissed, though, and he doesn’t have to worry about the revenge porn law he signed either: it wasn’t effective when he allegedly took the photo in 2015, and he can’t be retroactively be charged under it.

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