Riaprire i Navigli, lunedì al via il dibattito pubblico a Milano: il Comune si mette in ascolto

Partecipazione, cittadinanza attiva e Open data: parte il dibattito pubblico sulla riapertura dei Navigli. Favorevoli o contrari? Da lunedì i milanesi possono cominciare a informarsi davvero consultando il sito dedicato (sarà online, appunto, dall’11 giugno), studiando i rendering, le mappe e leggendo tutto il materiale che il Comune diffonderà. Open data, appunto. Poi ai cittadini verrà chiesto di partecipare agli incontri e di dare il proprio parere. La forma scelta, scartato lo strumento del referendum, è quella del débat public.Milano pronta a riaprire i suoi Navigli, i primi 2km tra 5 anni: ecco il trailer dell’acqua che verràin riproduzione….

Metroid Prime 4: everything we know so far

It was during its E3 2017 livestream that Nintendo announced Metroid Prime 4 for Nintendo Switch with a logo and little else. No release date, no developer information, no footage. Nothing.

To say fans were left hungry for details is an understatement; ten years is a long time sans new Samus. A brand new Metroid Prime title for the Switch is an exciting proposition – the Metroid Prime games, released between 2002 and 2007, were critical gold for the GameCube and Wii consoles; to see the series return on Nintendo’s most successful console in years would be fitting.

Almost one year after its announcement, official Metroid Prime 4 details are still rather thin on the ground. But to help you keep track of what’s what, we’ve pulled together the news and rumors from across the web and gathered them here for your convenience.

[Update: We don’t have long to wait until Nintendo’s big E3 [...]  read more

AirPods to get Live Listen feature in iOS 12

Steven Aquino is a freelance tech writer and iOS accessibility expert.

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Apple has one hardware-specific feature planned that wasn’t announced at Monday’s WWDC keynote. In iOS 12, users will be able to use Live Listen, a special feature previously reserved for hearing aids certified through Apple’s Made for iPhone hearing aid program, with their AirPods.

After enabling the feature in the iPhone’s settings, users will be able to use their phones effectively as a directional mic. This means you can have AirPods in at a noisy restaurant with your iPhone on the table, for example, and the voice of whomever is speaking will be routed to your AirPods.

Live Listen is a feature Apple developed and eventually launched in 2014 that allows iPhone users with hearing aids to hear people in noisy environments or from across a room, such as a crowded restaurant or lecture hall. If a compatible hearing aid is paired to a user’s phone, there are options to turn Live Listen on and off, adjust volume, [...]  read more

Mercedes-Benz car subscriptions will start at $1,095 per month

The service, dubbed Mercedes-Benz collection, will include SUV’s, coupes, cabriolets and high-performance AMG cars, Bloomberg reports. All you need to get started is the app, a picture of your driver’s license and a $495 activation fee. Once you choose a vehicle at any given tier, you’ll get to drive it with no mileage restriction and receive insurance, vehicle maintenance and 24-hour roadside assistance. Other companies’ car subscriptions will cost between $600 (Volvo) and $2,000 (BMW and Porsche) per month, so this fits right into the same high-end category.

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