Samsung spins out three more startups from its C-Lab incubator

Plantbox, which was created by new company Agwart, is probably the most interesting of the three. It’s a greenhouse about the size of a small refrigerator which houses seed capsules. Plantbox can identify the type of seed based on the capsule and tweaks the temperature, humidity, lighting, air quality and nutrients to foster the plant’s health and growth. Since this is 2018, there is of course an app through which you can monitor and control Plantbox’s environment.

S-Ray is another product that’s taking flight under the startup Catch Flow. It’s a speaker which pushes sound in one direction to limit who can hear the audio. That could prove useful if you’re on a conference call and can’t wear headphones, which might reduce feedback. Samsung says S-Ray is around a tenth of the size of a typical directional [...]  read more

Elon Musk has been missing deadlines since he was a kid

As a kid Elon Musk had so much trouble being on time, his younger brother developed a trick to make … During Tuesday's meeting, Musk told shareholders Tesla is producing 3,500 Model 3's a … First he bought a Google assistant.
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Steam Store will accept anything that’s not ‘illegal’ or ‘trolling’

The company will take almost a completely hands-off approach to moderating content on Steam and introduce better tools to let players filter out content. “Taking this approach allows us to focus less on trying to police what should be on Steam, and more on building those tools to give people control over what kinds of content they see,” Valve’s business head Erik Johnson wrote in a blog post announcing the new policy.

This is pretty much Valve giving up and washing its hands of responsibility since it and it alone decides what is ‘illegal’ or ‘trolling,’ as Polygon points out. Developers will be urged to self-report what potentially controversial content their games include or face potential banishment from the platform. In exchange, they’ll get protective options, too: “Developers who build controversial content shouldn’t have to deal with harassment because their game exists,” Johnson wrote.

The exceptions would align [...]  read more

Milano, figli di due mamme: il sindaco Sala registra gli atti di nascita per quattro famiglie arcobaleno

“A Milano, nel rispetto di tutti, si può essere tutti uguali”: ha scelto una cerimonia pubblica, per dare il massimo risalto, non solo simbolico, al suo atto. Il sindaco di Milano Beppe Sala ha registrato per la prima volta i figli di quattro famiglie arcobaleno. Nove bambini in tutto, figli di quattro coppie di donne: finora tutti i bimbi erano riconosciuti soltanto dalle loro madri biologiche, da oggi sono registrati all’Anagrafe di Milano come figli di entrambe le madri. Nella sala giunta di Palazzo Marino, presenti le coppie, alcuni bambini, parenti e amici, il sindaco ha letto gli atti di nascita, quindi gli atti di riconoscimento delle madri non biologiche e ha infine annotato sugli atti anche il nome della seconda madre.Diritti civili, a Milano il sindaco Sala riconosce nove figli delle ”famiglie arcobaleno”in riproduzione….

What's Going on with Bitcoin?

But for now, let's focus on Bitcoin. Not because of price, but due to adoption: no other cryptocurrency has as many users, developers and infrastructure …
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