Lodi, donna trovata morta in piscina: è annegata, si indaga per omicidio

E’ morta annegata Josephine Odijie, la donna trovata senza vita in piscina domenica scorsa a Cavacurta di Castel Gerundo, in provincia di Lodi. Lo ha affermato il procuratore della Repubblica di Lodi, Domenico Chiaro, spiegando che “a questo punto pur non escludendo nulla si indaga per l’ipotesi più grave, cioè quella di omicidio”.
“Escludiamo la rapina in casa, in quanto abbiamo trovato diversi oggetti preziosi lasciati lì dove erano”, ha proseguito il procuratore, “così come la congestione. La donna, al momento della morte, era a stomaco vuoto”.
Di possibile congestione aveva parlato il convivente della donna, Stefano Acerbi, 78 anni, che al momento del ritrovamento del cadavere è risultato essere fuori regione, in vacanza.
Lodi, donna trovata morta in piscina: è annegata, si indaga per omicidio

GDPR panic may spur data and AI innovation

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If AI innovation runs on data, the new European Union’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) seem poised to freeze AI advancement. The regulations prescribe a utopian data future where consumers can refuse companies access to their personally identifiable information (PII). Although the enforcement deadline has passed, the technical infrastructure and manpower needed to meet these requirements still do not exist in most companies today.

Coincidentally, the barriers to GDPR compliance are also bottlenecks of widespread AI adoption. Despite the hype, enterprise AI is still nascent: Companies may own petabytes of data that can be used for AI, but fully digitizing that data, knowing what the data tables actually contain and understanding who, where and how to access that data remains a herculean coordination effort for even the most empowered internal champion. It’s no wonder that many scrappy AI startups find themselves bogged down by customer data cleanup and custom [...]  read more

Sprint is offering $15 unlimited plans for new customers

While the ad copy stresses that there’s no catch to the deal, you will be limited to 480p video, music up to 500 Kbps and gaming streams up to 2 Mbps. You’ll also have your data speed de-prioritized if the network gets congested. You can bring your own phone or purchase one via Sprint, and the $15 per month excludes taxes, surcharges and any roaming fees, of course. Sprint promises that it’s doing its best to improve its speed, coverage and reliability. It also brags that it wants to launch the first mobile 5G network in the US starting in 2019.

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Facebook Bug Made Up to 14 Million Users’ Posts Public For Days

Facebook has found itself the subject of another privacy scandal, this time involving privacy settings. A glitch caused up to 14 million Facebook users to have their new posts inadvertently set to public, the company revealed Thursday.

The bug, which reportedly occurred while Facebook was testing a new feature, went live on May 18. Facebook told CNN, which first reported the issue, that it began rolling out a fix on May 22 that changed every post made by affected users to private, even if those users had intended to share it publicly. The bug was fully corrected by May 27.

Typically, if you share something to Facebook, the privacy settings of that post default to the last ones you used. For example, if you share a photo and set it only to be seen by your friends, then the next time you post something, Facebook will assume you want to share it with the same audience. Those affected by the bug had their default setting changed instead to “public.” That could be [...]  read more

Hitman 2 sneaks onto PC and consoles later this year

Agent 47, star of the popular Hitman series of games, is cold, calculating and precise. The same words could be used to describe the series’ developer, IO Interactive, who just announced a new game just days ahead of the biggest gaming show of the year. 

Instead of waiting for the show to start – and the inevitable deluge of announcements that comes with it – the Hitman developer beat the crowd by releasing the announcement trailer for Hitman 2 earlier today.

Hitman 2’s unveiling comes just months after IO Interactive announced that it would partner with publisher Warner Bros. after cutting ties with previous publisher Square Enix. 

Despite the freshness of the deal, however, both the developer and publisher wasted no time in releasing a teaser trailer for the new game which is due out on November 13, 2018 for PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

Making a Murderer 

While IO Interactive and Warner Bros. have announced the existence of the game – alongside a release trailer featured up above – [...]  read more