Facebook reportedly sold user data to businesses in secret deals

For its part, Facebook claims that it only gave added access to third party companies for improving user experiences, testing new features and finishing up ongoing feature tests. It also confirms that it did share information about users’ friends after the 2015 cutoff, for weeks and months, despite previous denials.

As David Vladeck, director of the Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Protection Bureau (2009 – 2013) and currently a professor at Georgetown Law, points out the to the WSJ that such deals could violate the company’s 2012 deal with the FTC which requires Facebook to obtain regulatory permission to share information beyond what users designate as public on the site.


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SFGATE: If Warriors win NBA title, they won’t be welcome at White House

If Warriors win NBA title, they won’t be welcome at White House
Published on June 08, 2018 at 09:25PM by By Connor Letourneau
CLEVELAND — If the Warriors beat the Cavaliers for their third NBA title in four years, they will not have to discuss whether to accept a possible invitation to the White House.

            President Donald Trump told reporters on Friday morning that "we’re not going to invite either team," referencing Golden State and Cleveland, for a visit to the White House. 

            Trump’s statement comes three days after LeBron James said neither the Cavaliers nor the Warriors would accept a visit to celebrate an NBA championship, an assertion that Golden State’s two former MVPs, Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry, later backed up.

7 Ways you can help save the ocean

7 Ways you can help save the ocean

    <img width="660" height="495" alt="" src="https://c402277.ssl.cf1.rackcdn.com/photos/15736/images/simple_style_full/Medium_WW1105997.jpg?1528309724" />Every living thing depends on the ocean. Covering more than 70% of our planet&rsquo;s surface, it contains the largest diversity of life on Earth and affects everything from global weather patterns to food systems. So when we hear the ocean is in trouble from the effects of climate change, pollution and overfishing, it&rsquo;s easy to feel powerless. While many of these issues will require leadership from governments and businesses, there are plenty of small actions you can take that will make a big difference for the ocean.

1. Skip the straws

Single-use plastics—such as water bottles, take-out packaging, plastic bags, and straws—create ocean pollution that can destroy ecosystems and endanger marine life. With 8 million tons of plastic dumped into the ocean each year, there could be a pound [...]  read more

Conte chiede a Di Maio: "Questo posso dirlo?". E il grillino: "No"

Il passaggio alla Camera per il governo Conte non è andato bene così come quello al Senato. E non per i numeri, i voti arrivati sono stati più del previsto, ma per gli scivoloni che – suo malgrado – ha commesso il giurista ora presidente del Consiglio
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Movida più sicura a Milano: stop a bottiglie di vetro, lattine e aste per i selfie in Darsena

Parte l’operazione movida sicura. Da questa notte entra in vigore l’ordinanza che vieta di introdurre in Darsena bottiglie o contenitori in vetro, lattine, bottiglie di plastica con il tappo, aste per selfie, fuochi artificiali e l’esercizio del commercio itinerante, street food compreso.

Di fronte alla grande affluenza di persone l’accumulo di bottiglie di vetro, come spiega una nota di Palazzo Marino, potrebbe essere un potenziale pericolo: per questo il Comune ha deciso di vietarne l’utilizzo, consentendo la mescita nei bicchieri di vetro solo all’interno dei pubblici esercizi con consumazione al tavolo. Nel dettaglio, l’ordinanza specifica l’area in questione compresa tra Piazza XXIV Maggio, viale Gorizia, via Codara, Piazzale Cantore e Viale Giovanni D’Annunzio, dove come detto è vietato “introdurre, depositare al suolo, detenere, trasportare, cedere o ricevere a qualsiasi titolo bottiglie e contenitori di vetro, lattine [...]  read more

The 7 best bits of PC gaming gear from Computex 2018

The coolest PC gaming gear of Computex 2018

The coolest PC gaming gear of Computex 2018