Microsoft confirms new Xbox consoles are in the works

Microsoft is developing new Xbox consoles, the company’s head of Xbox said on stage at E3 2018 today. 

“Our hardware team is deep into developing the next generation of Xbox consoles, where we will once again deliver on our commitment to set the benchmark for console gaming,” said Phil Spencer, master of ceremonies for Microsoft’s Xbox E3 showcase. 

No details on the hardware were offered, including when we might expect it. But despite the lack of details, it’s likely reassuring for Xbox fans that there will be a followup to the Xbox One X. Not that they had much reason to doubt there would be.

Console lifecycles can span several years, and by November 2019 the Xbox One X will be two years old, so a refresh could make sense then. 

Sony recently confirmed that that PS4 is nearing the end of its life span, though that console is already five years old.  

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“Gears of War’ is getting its own PC-only tactics game

Branching the franchise out in new directions is part of a greater overhaul — for instance, the games have been rebranded as Gears (dropping Of War in perpetuity). Microsoft tapped Splash Damage, a UK studio that handled PC ports of earlier games in the series, to make Gears Tactics. It’s the first in the franchise to be designed from the ground-up as a PC title, and while it looks and feels a bit like XCOM, The Verge noted, it’s still got Gears mainstays like cover-based combat and massive boss battles. There’s no release date yet — a blog post rounding up E3 announcements noted it’s too early in the game’s development to declare.

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Endangered Species and the Case for ‘Sanctuary Cities’

This story originally appeared on CityLab and is part of the Climate Desk collaboration.

Her name was Lola. No, not “L-O-L-A, Lola,” from the Kinks’ song, but a Mexican Redhead.

Well, actually, not that either, it turned out.

“We don’t really say that anymore,” the avian veterinarian said as he helped Lola out of her carrier. “She’s an Amazon. A green-cheeked Amazon, Amazona viridigenalis. That’s what the scientific name means. Though most people just call them red-crowned parrots.”

That was my introduction to a bird species, one of whom I adopted 10 years ago from a friend of a friend, as these things go among people who live with pet birds. But it was only after I moved to Los Angeles that I found out about her feral cousins, the large wild flocks of red-crowned parrots that live in the San Gabriel Valley, just northeast of Los Angeles.

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The Bitcoin Price Is Down 50% This Year Alone — Here's Why

The Bitcoin Price Is Down 50% This Year Alone — Here's Why … The Bitcoin price has today dropped 12%, taking its year-to-date losses to an eye-watering … Coinrail said it has accounted for 70% of its cryptocurrency reserves in a …
social experiment by Livio Acerbo #greengroundit

Google's ethical AI

It sounds straightforward for Google to vow that its AI will never be used in weapons. But how can it be sure that other uses of the technology will be …
social experiment by Livio Acerbo #greengroundit

Forza Horizon 4 release date, trailers and news

Since the release of the first Forza Horizon game in 2012, Microsoft has established something of a pattern with its Forza releases. When one year sees the release of a Forza Motorsport game, the next will welcome a new Forza Horizon game. 

It was a welcome but unsurprising announcement during E3 2018 that Forza Horizon 4 will be coming to Xbox One and Game Pass in 2018 and that the game will be set across the United Kingdom. 

Read everything we know about the new addition to the series and watch all the trailers below.

[Update: Forza Horizon 4 has now been confirmed at E3 2018 during the Xbox Showcase. Coming to Xbox One and Game Pass on October 2 2018, the game is set in the UK, taking players down country roads, across hilly highlands and through city streets. It was confirmed that the game will have a shared open world with integrated co-op and changing seasons which impact how you drive. These seasons and weather conditions are the same for every player in the [...]  read more