Roma, Nainggolan all'Inter: 30 milioni di sì

MILANO – Non è detto che l'Inter sia costretta ad aspettare l'1 luglio per avere Nainggolan e che debba iscrivere l'acquisto del belga nel prossimo bilancio. C'è anche la possibilità, sollecitata dalla Roma che deve fare plusvalenze per sistemare i
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Feds Bust Dozens of Nigerian Email Scammers, but Your Inbox Still Isn’t Safe

Your email spam filter works overtime to keep sketchy investing opportunities and cheap Viagra offers out of your inbox, but you’ve probably seen some scams sneak through. That’s because email fraud operations are a multibillion-dollar business, often run by Nigerian-based syndicates that have members—not to mention targets—around the world. And on Monday, US officials announced a massive international initiative, Operation Wire Wire, that resulted in the arrest of 74 alleged email fraudsters.

The move is significant given that email scamming has gone mostly unchecked for years, but Operation Wire Wire still represents a small drop in a massive ocean of fraud. And while it particularly targets some of the money mules who underpin criminal payouts, the overall infrastructure behind these spamming campaigns is massive and inveterate. It would take major disruption to see a noticeable improvement.

Nigerian email rackets predictably target individuals, especially [...]  read more

‘Sekiro’ takes the ‘Dark Souls’ formula to ancient Japan

The game isn’t expected to be released until early 2019, and Acitivision kept the demo brief at E3. The storyline in Sekiro follows a ninja’s quest for revenge after the “young lord” he was sworn to protect is taken and “The Rival” cut off Sekiro’s arm. Basically, he lost everything and now is on a violent path of redemption in hopes of getting his master back. I should mention that this “young lord” is a “special person” being pursued by enemies before he’s ultimately taken. What follows are constant life and death situations along the way, including the different strategies needed to defeat the enemies Sekiro encounters. There are plenty of bosses to encounter before he reaches his arch nemesis.

Though he lost an arm, Sekiro gained what FromSoftware calls a Shinobi prosthetic. While the warrior wields a sword and other hand-to-hand combat weaponry in his right [...]  read more

Corsair on getting serious about gaming mice

Corsair makes a lot of PC gaming products. Top notch memory, solid power supplies, it’s K70 and other gaming keyboards are practically legendary in the eyes of PC gamers. 

Gaming mice, though? Corsair isn’t exactly the first name that comes to mind, but there’s more going on behind the scenes than you think.

Gaming mice have actually been a recent focal point for Corsair, according to Corsair’s Product Manager of Keyboards and Mice, Michal Nowicki, and it all started with the Glaive RGB, which the company released in May 2017.

“[At the time,] we were missing something with an ultra-comfortable shape and that was highly customizable,” Nowicki recalls. “Because these are sort of elements of our DNA, we think that customizability, durability, and that comfort to play for hours and hours at a time is something that we’re known for.

“In the past we had the M65 and the Saber, these were sort of our main vehicles at the time,” he says. “And then we make a decision; we [...]  read more