Algeria shuts down internet during exams to curb cheating

If those seem like harsh measures, they’re in place because of disruptions to exams over the last couple of years. In 2016, test questions leaked online both before and during exams. Authorities tried to stop the scourge last year by asking ISPs to block social media access, but that wasn’t effective enough.

During the exam period, students and school staff are banned from bringing any devices with internet access into exam rooms. Metal detectors are in place to catch out anyone stuffing a phone or smartwatch into their socks.

The cheating crackdown has extended to the exam paper printing presses, with cameras and cell phone jammers installed to prevent leaks. You’d imagine that exam papers will firmly be under lock and key until tests start, too. Algeria has some way to go, though, in terms of novel ways of sniffing out exam cheats — in 2015, China started using drones to catch them.
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Why bitcoin may be worthless

And wondering if bitcoin risks falling to zero as new competitors rise to solve … And the "include everything" requirement means that a cryptocurrency …
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Bag Week 2018: Chrome’s Yalta 2.0 is a roomy rolltop that keeps up

At first, I didn’t know where the Yalta fit in.

With a 30L capacity, the Yalta 2.0 (Chrome Industries, $96) is not a small bag but it’s not massive either. It’s a little bulkier on the bottom than the top, an inversion of most bike-friendly bags that usually crunch most of your carry weight high up on your shoulders. As a classic Chrome bag, I’ve always admired the Yalta from a distance for its unique profile, full side zipper and its decision to opt for a tension hook clasp instead of velcro or a Chrome buckle (cool but heavy). The Yalta’s adjustable closure hook feels good to use and means that you don’t have to deal with the noise velcro makes, which if you’re me is definitely not your primary ASMR trigger.

TechCrunch / Taylor Hatmaker

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Why the Supreme Court Sales Tax Ruling May Benefit Amazon

The Supreme Court just paved the way for broader collection of online sales taxes. That’s probably good news for Main Street and bad news for smaller online retailers. But it just might be good news for larger online retailers—especially Amazon.

The decision came in a challenge to a 2016 South Dakota law requiring any company that delivered more than $100,000 worth of goods and services, or handled more than 200 transactions, in the state, to collect and pay sales tax, regardless of where the company is located. In a 5-4 vote, the Supreme Court upheld the law, over the objections of e-commerce companies Wayfair, Overstock, and Newegg.

The ruling overturns a 1992 Supreme Court decision that retailers only had to collect and remit sales tax if they had a “physical presence” such as an office, warehouse, or brick-and-mortar store in the state charging the tax. With the physical presence rule out of the way, other states may create online sales taxes or [...]  read more

Caso Maugeri, la Corte dei Conti sequestra 5 milioni a Formigoni

Allo «stato degli atti non risultano corrisposte le provvisionali» di risarcimento stabilite dal Tribunale di Milano con la sentenza del dicembre 2016 che ha condannato Roberto Formigoni per il caso Maugeri a 6 anni di carcere, ma anche a versare 3 milioni di euro, in solido con l’uomo d’affari Pierangelo Daccò e con l’ex assessore lombardo Antonio Simone, alla Regione Lombardia». Lo spiega la Procura della Corte dei Conti della Lombardia che ha disposto il sequestro conservativo di circa 5 milioni di euro a carico dell’ex governatore e altri sequestri per un totale di circa 33 milioni di euro, con un danno erariale di circa 60 milioni. Nel disporre ed eseguire i sequestri i pm contabili chiariscono anche che non hanno riconosciuto alcuna «rilevanza» alle confische disposte nel processo penale (oltre 6,6 milioni a carico di Formigoni) perché quelle confische penali «hanno una rilevanza esclusivamente sanzionatoria e non risarcitoria del danno pubblico».

«Vivrò d’aria»

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HTC Vive Summer Sale 2018: the best VR deals to grab right now

HTC wants you to spend your summer vacation indoors. 

To that end, today, Vive and Vive Pro owners can take advantage of Viveport’s annual Summer Sale 2018 – HTC has discounted over 100 VR games and experiences, at up to 90% off. 

Most of the titles available are action simulators and shooters, but you’ll also find a healthy mix of touristy experiences and fitness apps for people looking to burn some calories and explore the outdoors … indoors. 

Out of those 100 deals, here are some of the most exciting-sounding experiences and best discounts available right now:

  • Vindicta ($15 $1.50)
  • Sairento VR ($30 $23)
  • The Gallery – Episode 1: Call of the Starseed ($20 $5)
  • The Gallery – Episode 2: Heart of the Emberstone ($30 $18)
  • Apex Construct ($30 $23)
  • Apollo 11 VR ($10 $5)
  • Knockout League ($30 $20)
  • Island 359 ($20 $10)
  • Twisted Arrow ($20 $10)
  • Cosmic Trip ($20 $10)

These deals last until July 8th, so you still have plenty of time to decide which VR titles to add to your library. But the next major Viveport sale might not be until the holidays, so choose wisely. 

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Is Blockchain Hype Good For Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has many necessary parts that are just as important as the blockchain. What would happen if we tried to tinker with the Bitcoin formula?
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Facebook is the only place to watch LaVar Ball’s basketball league

LaVar Ball and his Big Baller Brand extend their relationship with Facebook today as the social media giant will exclusively air the first game of Ball’s Junior Basketball Association tonight, as well as every game going forward. Throughout the season, every league game will stream on both Facebook Watch and the Junior Basketball Association’s Facebook Page. The first game will pit the Atlanta Ballers against the Chicago Ballers at Citizens Bank Arena in Ontario tonight while New York will take on Los Angeles — and LaMelo Ball — after the first game wraps up.

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