Milano, il Consiglio Pastorale Diocesano: «Il dramma dei migranti, inquietudine e disagio»

« Vorremmo che nessuno rimanga indifferente, che nessuno dorma tranquillo, che nessuno si sottragga a una preghiera, che nessuno declini le sue responsabilità»: si chiude così il documento firmato dal Consiglio Pastorale Diocesano con l’arcivescovo di Milano Mario Delpini, che esprime «un condiviso disagio» per quanto sta accadendo sulla questione migranti. Il documento è la sintesi della sessione del Consiglio Pastorale Diocesano, riunito per svolgere il ruolo di assemblea sinodale per il Sinodo Minore “La chiesa dalle genti. Responsabilità e prospettive”, da cui è emerso un condiviso disagio per vicende su cui la cronaca quotidiana attira l’attenzione e suscita emozioni e reazioni in tutti gli italiani. «Che cosa sta succedendo – si legge nel documento – nel Mediterraneo, in Italia e in Europa? I cristiani che sono cittadini italiani vorrebbero sapere, vorrebbero capire. Può bastare un titolo di giornale per leggere una situazione? [...]  read more

Domestic abusers are exploiting smart home devices

It’s possible to disable or reset these devices, of course. The issue, as you might guess, is that there’s usually one person in a relationship (typically the man, according to Intel researcher Melissa Gregg) who installs the smart home devices and has a full understanding of how they work. This gives the installer control over the other person that can become dangerous if the relationship is abusive. And when neither the survivor nor their friends may know how the technology works, it may be difficult to recognize the pattern of abuse or find ways to stop it without completely removing the hardware.

Those subject to abuse can fight back by becoming more informed about technology and making sure to have some control over smart home devices. There are legal failings as well, though. Only some abuse methods may fall under existing laws (revenge porn using security cameras, for example), [...]  read more

From Mats to Hoodies, 9 Ways to Elevate Your Yoga Practice


C2G Yoga Mat

Made from reclaimed wetsuits, this chic yoga mat has the look of retro airport carpeting and the cushiony feel of playground mulch. It’s denser than sticky mats, making it easier to clean than its peers, and its kernely texture provides enough friction to keep you grounded even with sweaty hands. The mat is free of PCBs and Phthalates, so you can feel at peace while breathing deeply in child’s pose. Best of all, the mat comes with a lifetime warranty. Should you ever wear it down, just send your om-charged mat back to Suga and they’ll handle the recycling. The circular economy at work.

social experiment by Livio Acerbo #greengroundit #wired