The Rise of DNA Data Storage

The 144 words of Robert Frost’s seminal poem “The Road Not Taken” fit neatly onto a single printed page or a 1 kilobyte data file. Or in Hyunjun Park’s hands, a few drops of water in the bottom of a pink Eppendorf tube. Well, really what’s inside the water: invisible floating strands of DNA.

Scientists have long touted DNA’s potential as an ideal storage medium; it’s dense, it’s easy to replicate, it’s stable over millennia. And in the last few years they’ve managed to encode all kinds of things in those strings of As, Ts, Cs, and Gs: War and Peace, Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the Water,” a galloping horse GIF. But in order to replace existing silicon chip or magnetic tape storage technologies, DNA is going to have to get a lot cheaper to predictably read, write, and package.

That’s where scientists like Park come in. He and the other co-founders of Catalog, an MIT DNA storage spinoff emerging [...]  read more

US Army tests AI that predicts vehicle repairs

The army is monitoring several dozen Bradley M2A3 vehicles using a machine learning algorithm from Uptake Technologies. It hopes the Asset Performance Management application will reduce unscheduled maintenance and make repairs more efficient and productive, in part by predicting when components will fail. That will help mechanics be more proactive in fixing issues before they become serious problems. As with many other effective uses of AI, Uptake’s software is designed to augment, rather than replace humans in making decisions.

Uptake says the Bradley has a similar engine and parts to a string of industrial machines and vehicles. The software can monitor Bradley engine data points such as temperature, coolant and RPM, and the AI compares patterns with those from similar engines that have failed. The company has more than 1.2 billion hours of operating data the AI can draw from to make predictions.

The trial is worth just $1 million to Uptake, The [...]  read more

Facebook eases ban on cryptocurrency ads

Facebook is easing its ban on cryptocurrency related advertisements, … After the price of Bitcoin shot up to over $19,000 in December, it has since …
social experiment by Livio Acerbo #greengroundit

LG heard you like cameras, so the LG V40 may include five

We know, the LG V35 just came out, but the world of mobile phones moves quickly, and we’re starting to see a heap of LG V40 rumors. 

Specifically, the forthcoming LG V30 successor is due to get five cameras, according to a report from Android Police.

Now, while we still have no idea what the cameras will be, or where they’ll be – we’re going to go ahead and assume that two of them will be in the front, with one of them being an IR camera – allowing for facial unlock. The other three however, will likely be on the back, as a triple lens camera like we’ve seen on the Huawei P20 Pro

This triple lens camera seems to be a trend when it comes to smartphone rumors in 2018. And, while we’ve only seen a triple-lens camera on the Huawei P20 Pro, that camera was so good, we can see why it’s popular. We just can’t wait to see more phones adopt this triple-camera design – it’s already been rumored that the Samsung Galaxy S10 will feature such a camera array. 

Return of the notch 

The LG V40 will [...]  read more

Amazon’s Alexa app for iOS finally gets voice control

Way back at the beginning of the year (seemingly 24 or 25 months, at this point), Amazon brought voice control to its Alexa app for Android. The move marked a big step toward the company’s push onto third party mobile devices. At the time, it added that it would bring similar functionality to the iPhone “soon” — a promise it’s delivering on today.

Users who’ve downloaded the smart assistant on iOS will be able to ask the app for assistance starting today. It’s not baked in natively, of course (turns our Apple’s got a smart assistant of its own it’s pretty fond of), so that interaction requires a tap of the button.

From there, however, you can ask Alexa questions, listen to music, access skills and control smart devices — you know, the standard Alexa fare. Queries like weather, sports, calendar and movies will also offer up a visual component in the app. The update will be rolled out to users in “the coming days” as a free download.

Amazon has, of course, been at [...]  read more