The Best Solo Travel Destinations for Women

The Best Solo Travel Destinations for Women … for las viajeras solas (that's "women traveling alone," if you're brushing up on your Spanish): You'll get …
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ExceptionAlly helps parents navigate the special needs education labyrinth

The challenges faced by parents of kids with special needs are always unique, but in one way they are surely much alike: making sure the kids are getting what they need from schools is way harder than it ought to be. ExceptionAlly is a new startup that aims to help parents understand, organize, and communicate all the info they need to make sure their child is getting the help they require.

“There are millions of parents out there trying to navigate special education. And parents with special needs should have access to more information than what one school tells them,” said ExceptionAlly co-founder and CEO Rayford Davis. “Those with the means actually hire special education attorneys, but those are few and far between. We thought, how can we democratize this? So we’re trying to do what TurboTax did for CPAs: deliver a large percentage of the value for a small percentage of the cost.”

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Google Home commands, Chromecast streaming down for some users

Several Google devices and apps have suddenly begun to experience severe outages today, and Google hasn’t revealed the cause—or how long it’ll need to find a fix. 

The Google support Twitter account is currently fielding a heap of complaints from users around the world, as owners of the Google Home, Google Home Mini, and Chromecast suddenly found themselves unable to perform basic functions like casting or voice commands. 

Right now, when some Google Home owners ask their smart speaker a question, it can only respond, “There was a glitch, try again in a few seconds”. And, if they attempt to reset the speaker, the Homes sometimes cannot reboot at all. 

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L’Uefa esclude il Milan dalle coppe europee: sanzione per violazione dei paletti sul bilancio

NYON –  Un anno fuori dalle coppe europee. Senza multe o sanzioni aggiuntive. È questa la decisione della Camera Giudicante dell’Uefa sul Milan. Il verdetto è arrivato intorno alle 17 con una formula per la verità non chiarissima. “Il club è escluso dalla partecipazione nella prossima competizione europea per la quale si qualificherà nelle prossime due stagioni: quindi una competizione nel 2018-19 o 2019-20, a secondo del raggiungimento della qualificazione”. Una formula davvero curiosa perché sembra che la Uefa, nella scrittura del dispositivo, non dia per sicura la qualificazione alla prossima Europa League conquistata dal Milan sul campo. Al momento, dunque, l’Atalanta va a occupare lo slot dei rossoneri ai gironi mentre la Fiorentina, ottava, affronterà i preliminari al posto dei bergamaschi.   NESSUNA [...]  read more