Le Ong sono come i pirati. Ecco il business del buonismo

Battono la facile bandiera dell'umanitarismo, ma in verità coprono interessi politici, economici e finanziari. La nave di Proactiva Open Arms ne è un chiaro esempio. Si mantiene grazie ai soldi di un grossa compagnia marittima, è condotta da una ciurma
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SFGATE: Wildfire concern over Fourth of July fireworks in Sonoma

Wildfire concern over Fourth of July fireworks in Sonoma
Published on July 02, 2018 at 12:05AM by By Joaquin Palomino
Amber Morabito stopped by a Phantom Fireworks stand near downtown Petaluma on Sunday to buy sparklers for her children for the Fourth of July.
Morabito said she understands the threat of wildfires during Northern California summers, but she believes that a little holiday fun won’t cause any harm.
“It’s just a sparkler for the kids,” she said. “I think that’s what’s responsible, and that’s what we get.”
Hot and dry conditions, paired with the devastation of last October’s firestorm, have some residents in Sonoma County on edge about the sparks that will be unleashed Wednesday for the holiday.

Tesla reportedly hits Model 3 production milestone

Tesla Inc. claimed it reached its goal of producing 5,000 Model 3 sedans in a … technically missing Chief Executive Elon Musk's self-imposed midnight … But he did not break down the production numbers for each Tesla car … Bitcoin's meteoric fall means calls for rallies to $25,000 by year-end are in dire …
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Silicon Valley’s Exclusive Salary Database

When Steve, a thirtysomething engineer, launched a software company in San Francisco a few years ago, he and his cofounder faced the daunting task of hiring a team, from low-level engineers to a new VP. Novices, they nonetheless had an advantage: access to Option Impact, an exclusive database of tech salaries that has become a go-to reference for Silicon Valley startups. That insider information, Steve realized, has immense value. “You get into the venture capitalist club and get all the magical data, which puts you in a power position,” he says. He recalls walking away from negotiations with a newly hired employee thinking, “Man, this guy is underpaid—we got a good deal.”

Unlike popular self-reported salary sites like Glassdoor or Stack Overflow, Option Impact is reserved for elite users—VCs and the executives at the startups they back (plus legal and consulting firms). And while salary surveys are routine across industries, Option Impact is unique in its specificity and [...]  read more

Alphabet invests in Lime’s electric scooter service

Alphabet has obvious stakes in transportation with Waymo’s self-driving cars and Sidewalk Labs’ public transit efforts. There are other investments, though, including support for SpinLaunch’s space cargo catapult and co-founder Larry Page’s backing for Kitty Hawk’s flying cars. The company is clearly anticipating a broader shift away from personal car use, not to mention a greater interest in transport at times when ground vehicles just aren’t an option.

The investment might be necessary if Google wants to continue its reputation as an ever-growing force in technology. Whether Alphabet likes it or not, its income still revolves around Google’s internet ads. A stake in Lime could help reduce that dependency on ads. With that said, there’s some risk involved — there’s no guarantees that electric scooter services will continue to thrive, especially [...]  read more