Amazon is preparing another checkout-free retail store in Seattle

The site peeked into the alleged new store and reported a lot of elements familiar to the earlier Amazon Go experience, from entry-exit scanning gates to windows bearing the brand’s slogan “No lines. No checkout. (No, seriously.).” It’s located on the bottom floor of the Madison Centre office tower, located next to the eye-catching Seattle Public Library and across town from the initial Amazon Go located at the shipping giant’s headquarters. Seattle was on the likely list of places the company might have introduced more checkout-free shops in, though Amazon confirmed in May that they planned to expand to Chicago and San Francisco. It’s unclear when any will open, but now we have concrete proof that the company is investing more in its zero-cashier retail experiment.

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Figlio della Ventura accoltellato, ”L’aggressore è entrato in discoteca armato”

Sarebbe entrato nella discoteca ‘Old Fashion’ con un coltello Davide Caddeo, uno dei fermati per tentato omicidio in relazione all’aggressione a Niccolò Bettarini.  E’ quanto risulta dalle indagini svolte finora dalla procura di Milano (in particolare dall’ascolto dei testimoni) che ‘smentirebbero’, quindi, quanto dichiarato dal gestore del locale, Roberto Cominardi, in un’intervista a la Repubblica: “E’ assolutamente da escludere – queste le sue parole – che nel locale l’aggressore sia entrato armato perché da dopo i fatti accaduti al Bataclan ci sono controlli rigorosi coi metal detector Tutti coloro che entrano vengono scannerizzati e il coltello sarebbe stato rilevato.”Aggressione Bettarini, il gestore: “Fatto avvenuto fuori dal locale, da noi non entrano coltelli”in riproduzione….

The state of the IPO market

Well, that was not exactly what happened — though 2017 was a good year for IPOs compared to previous years. Despite strong public markets, where we saw the NASDAQ jump 28 percent and the Dow by 25 percent — there were 59 VC-backed IPOs, which was an improvement over the 41 we had in 2016 (2018 NVCA Yearbook) — last year was far from the torrent I expected. One key reason was concerns by private companies that public valuations might not give private investors a solid gain. At the same time, there was abundant private capital for those companies, so IPOs were not critical for raising capital.

2018 IPOs are off to a strong start

The highly anticipated and successful IPO by Dropbox (DBX) in March and Spotify’s (SPOT) direct listing in April have put a spotlight on the U.S. tech IPO market. Four recent tech IPOs —  [...]  read more

Sony PlayStation Vue just went up by $5

Not so great news for PlayStation Vue multi-channel subscribers: your bill is about to go up.

Sony announced in a blog post today that it’s raising the price of all of its multi-channel PlayStation Vue plans by $5 starting July 24. That means that if you subscribe to the Access, Core, Elite or Ultra plan, your bill will go up by five big ones.

Sony said that current subscribers will see the new charge when their bill comes due after July 31.There’s no price change for PlayStation Vue’s add-ons or standalone channels. 

For reference, the current PlayStation Vue multi-channel plan prices are:

  • $39.99/month for Access
  • $44.99/month for Core
  • $54.99/month for Elite
  • $74.99/month for Ultra

So, just add $5 to those and you get your new PlayStation Vue plan prices. 

Price increases for subscription services are never welcome, but aren’t uncommon. Netflix raised the price of its most popular plan by $1 to $10.99 last year.

Sony said it needed to implement the price hike “to keep pace with rising business costs and enable us to continue offering a better way to [...]  read more

Do Thundershirts Really Calm Dogs During Fireworks?

The dogs will lose their minds. They always do. Every Fourth of July in America, as children stay up past their bedtime to watch colors explode in the sky and adults sit on the back of pickup trucks drinking beer and marveling at a pyrotechnic technology 12 centuries old, pets across the country panic with every boom.

Sound phobias are very common for dogs—and cats—making this holiday a nightmare for millions of animals. “Half of the dogs in my practice are dealing with fireworks fear this week,” says veterinarian and animal clinical behavior resident Amy Learn, whose clinic in Richmond, Virginia, sees more than 2,000 clients annually. For many dogs, the nightmare has already begun. A quick search on Twitter shows people across the land complaining about neighbors popping fireworks off early. In Boston, where I live, they first started exploding in the middle of last week. [...]  read more

Tesla Shares See Worst Day in 3 Months

Tesla Inc. (TSLA) shares fell over 7% as the market closed on Tuesday, July 3, as two analyst notes and a controversial article out on Tuesday offset …
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