How Facebook’s Rise Fueled Chaos and Confusion in Myanmar

The riots wouldn’t have happened without Facebook.

On the the evening of July 2, 2014 a swelling mob of hundreds of angry residents gathered around the Sun Teashop filling the streets in the commercial hub of Mandalay, Myanmar’s second-largest city. The teashop’s Muslim owner had been accused, falsely, of raping a female Buddhist employee.

The accusations against him, originally reported on a blog, exploded when they made its way to Facebook—by then, synonymous with the internet in Myanmar. Many among the crowd had seen the Facebook post, which was widely shared including by a Mandalay-based ultra-nationalist monk named Wirathu, who has a massive following across the country.

As anger rose among the throngs of men, police struggled to disperse the growing crowds, firing rubber bullets and trying to corral rioters into certain sections of the city. Their efforts were largely unsuccessful. Soon, armed men were marauding through the streets of the royal capital on motorbikes and by foot wielding machetes and sticks. Rioters torched [...]  read more

Twitter’s efforts to suspend fake accounts have doubled since last year

Bots, your days of tweeting politically divisive nonsense might be numbered. The Washington Post reported Friday that in the last few months the company has aggressively suspended accounts in an effort to stem the spread of disinformation running rampant on its platform.

The Washington Post reports that Twitter suspended as many as 70 million accounts between May and June of this year, with no signs of slowing down in July. According to data obtained by the Post, the platform suspended 13 million accounts during a weeklong spike of bot banning activity in mid-May.

Sources tell the Post that the uptick in suspensions is tied to the company’s efforts to comply with scrutiny from the Congressional investigation into Russian disinformation on social platforms. The report adds that Twitter investigates bots and other fake accounts through an internal project known as “Operation Megaphone” through which it buys suspicious accounts and then investigates their connections.

Twitter declined [...]  read more

TwitchCon 2018 tickets are now on sale, starting at $89

For the first time, this year’s event will host a version of Games Done Quick, the popular bi-annual charity speedrunning event. Instead of a week-long marathon, runners will race through their games of choice over a 50-hour period (submissions open this weekend if you want to take part). Also new this year is an ambassador program, in which 15 partners will hold meet and greets, panels and more to talk about their experiences on Twitch.

The cosplay contest is back with a $70,000 prize pool, as is Artist Alley (formerly known as Creative Corner), which is an area for Twitch artists to display and sell [...]  read more

Expo, anche la Corte dei conti archivia il processo su Sala

“Con riferimento alle posizioni del dottor Sala e delle società in house MM e ILSPA, dopo l’esperimento della fase preprocessuale, questa procura ravvisa la sussistenza di motivi in fatto e in diritto, idonei a fondare l’adozione del decreto di archiviazione”. Dopo diversi mesi d’indagine in cui è stata verificata l’ipotesi di danno erariale per la fornitura delle “essenze arboree” della Piastra di Expo, la Corte dei Conti archivia il procedimento nei confronti dell’ex commissario unico di Expo, ora sindaco di Milano.

Il procuratore regionale Salvatore Pilato e il vice procuratore Alessandro Napoli contestavano a Sala un danno erariale di 2,2 milioni, pari alla differenza pagata per la fornitura dei seimila alberi a Mantovani che aveva vinto anche l’appalto principale, e quando versato da Mantovani al consorzio Ati Zelari-Euroambiente. Dopo le deduzioni difensive del sindaco e dei suoi legali, gli avvocati Carlo Cerami e Stefano Nespor, la procura della Corte dei [...]  read more

Intel Cascade Lake-X release date, news and rumors

In 2017, Intel reacted to the threat of Threadripper by pumping out high core count (HCC) Skylake-X processors in the consumer space. And, while processors like the Core i9-7980XE outperformed the highest-end Ryzen Threadripper 1950X, they were also much more expensive, leading more enthusiast consumers to go with AMD’s high-end desktop (HEDT) solution . 

While Threadripper 2nd Generation is all but a foregone conclusion, Intel has been relatively quiet about its next generation (HEDT) processors. However, we’re expecting Cascade Lake-X will succeed the Skylake-X family of high-end desktop processors by the end of the year.

Unlike last year, where Intel announced and then released Skylake-X processors at Computex 2017, all we saw at Computex 2018 was a vague 28-core processor. While Intel has since clarified that this 28-core behemoth was running on a 14nm architecture and can overclock to 5GHz, it didn’t clarify which architecture it was based upon. 

However, shortly after its [...]  read more

Affondano due barche per turisti a Phuket

Pubblicato il: 06/07/2018 08:30. Due imbarcazioni per turisti con a bordo 146 persone, 129 delle quali di nazionalità cinese, sono affondate a Phuket. 48 turisti risultano ancora dispersi. Otto cinesi sono stati trovati morti, ha reso noto il
by Livio Acerbo #greengroundit #thisisnews