A 30 all’ora in Corso Magenta per non “disturbare” il Cenacolo: il piano del Comune per l’autunno

Le novità per il traffico cittadino in corso Magenta e nelle vie limitrofe entreranno in vigore il prossimo autunno: obiettivo, mettere al ripato il Cenacolo vinciano dalle troppe vibrazioni. A richiederle, nei mesi scorsi, era stato direttamente il Ministero per i Beni Culturali, preoccupato per lo “stato di salute” del capolavoro di Leonardo. A metterle nero su bianco, con una serie di ordinanze, l’assessore alla Mobilità Marco Granelli per conto del sindaco Sala. A 30 all'ora in Corso Magenta per non "disturbare" il Cenacolo: il piano del Comune per l'autunno

‘Sorry to Bother You’ Review: A Dizzying Satire That Hungers for Truth

In Boots Riley’s trippy new film Sorry to Bother You, hunger is the main throughline. The hunger for truth. The hunger for justice. The hunger to succeed personally, and even more so in one’s professional life. At RegalView, a low-level telemarketing firm in Oakland, one path to success presents itself in the form of code-switching. The disaffected Cassius Green (LaKeith Stanfield) is hungry to prove himself.

He’s a damaged soul eager for anything other than failure and hardship. On the advice of a coworker (Danny Glover), Cassius begins to use a “white voice” when speaking with prospective customers—what white people “wished they sounded like,” Glover explains—and its pay-off is immediate. Cassius becomes the company’s top salesman, earning the title of “Power Caller” and a promotion upstairs, where it’s required he talk in his white voice at all times.

But professional advancement comes with a moral clause. Cassius is wedged between doing what [...]  read more

Castbox turns to blockchain to help podcasters get paid

Late last month, Castbox introduced Contentbox, an attempt help podcast hosts and producers make some actual money off their product. It’s been something of an on-going struggle since the dawn of the medium. Longtime listeners no doubt recognize all the trends after fast forwarding through their 10,000th Casper mattress read.

While it’s true that a handful of successful startups are among the regular rotation in pre- and mid-roll ads, the simple fact is that a very small percentage of podcasters are actually able to make a living wage through the medium. It’s no wonder, then, that the top of the charts for the supposedly democratized platform were quickly taken over by media giants like NPR and The New York Times.

I’ve spoken with a number of leading podcast providers in recent months, and the consensus seems to be that there will likely never be a one size fits all approach to making money through podcasting. Gimlet [...]  read more

DJI’s next Mavic drone might have 360-degree obstacle awareness

The Mavic 2 might also be helpful for budding aerial cinematographers. The photo appears to show a GoPro Karma-style removable gimbal that would let you swap cameras, with at least two options (notice the smaller black gimbal hiding on the side?) that may include a larger-than-normal sensor. The addition wouldn’t make DJI Inspire buyers sweat, but it could be helpful for drone buyers who’d rather not give up portability for the sake of their shots.

Other possible revelations include

So long as the leak is accurate to begin with, the remaining questions mainly revolve around the launch date and price. DJI was supposed to have a “See the Bigger Picture” event on July 18th, but it postponed that to a later date. You might see the Mavic 2 soon, but not that soon. And whether or not the Mavic 2 would represent a good deal would depend on whether or not the price is comparable to the $999 you pay for a Mavic Pro. If there’s a significant price hike, it [...]  read more

Huawei clearly wants to make ‘smartwatches’ for your ears work

Little is known so far about the Huawei Watch 3 or what other fitness trackers the company will bring out this year, but in the last seven days we’ve heard of two separate Huawei rumors that relate to both wristwear and things that plug into your ears.

On Monday this week, we saw a patent that showed how the company is attempting to work out how to include a pair of Bluetooth earbuds within an upcoming Huawei smartwatch.

The patent suggests it would probably involve a little capsule that sits between the strap and the watch body on either side of the device. The earbuds would then slot into this section of the watch.

An alternate design shows the earbuds held in a container on the underside of the watch strap, but whichever design Huawei went with it’s clear from the diagrams below that one of the biggest problems the company will face is including them without making the watch unwieldy.

Image 1 of 2

This shows earphones being stored between the body and strap. Credit: LetsGoDigital/WIPO

This shows earphones being stored between the body and strap. Credit: LetsGoDigital/WIPO Image 2 of 2

Here the earphones are stored on the underside of the band. Credit: LetsGoDigital/WIPO

Here the earphones are stored on the underside of the band. Credit: LetsGoDigital/WIPO

Then later in the week, we saw often-correct  [...]  read more