Technology in healthcare is moving from mainframes to iPhones

New technologies are often first manifested in behemoth machines that may take up entire rooms, only to be miniaturized as the technology matures. We have witnessed this shift over the last 70 years in computers, and an analogous trend is now underway in healthcare.

Startups across the world are transforming capabilities that were once relegated to specialty labs with large, expensive capital equipment and highly trained technicians. For example, in the early 2000s Celera Genomics used nearly 300 DNA sequencers and 7000 processors, and cost nearly $100M to complete the sequence of one human genome. Today, an entire human genome can be run on a desktop machine for less than $1,000. Beyond DNA sequencing, new companies focusing on everything from flu to strokes these companies are moving the technology, revenue, and data from a few centralized companies to the doctors and patients that need it the most.

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Mercedes Will Launch Self-Driving Taxis in California Next Year

Like in a Tough Mudder, you’ve got a few strategies when it comes to the race to launch a taxi-like service with autonomous vehicles. You can start early and keep a slow but steady pace. You can show up a bit late, then try to sprint through it. Or you can hold back, see what trips up other contenders, and then slowly work your way through the obstacles.

The big automakers tend to fall into the third category. They may have taken a few years to recognize that shared autonomous vehicles could annihilate their business model—selling human-driven cars to individual humans—but they’re now making real progress toward the finish line. And today, Mercedes-Benz parent company Daimler took a cautious step into the swamp stomp, announcing plans to launch a self-driving car pilot somewhere in Silicon Valley, next year.

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Should I buy August Home smart locks?

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August Smart Lock

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August Smart Lock Pro

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August Smart Lock Pro installed

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August Smart Lock Pro app

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August Smart Lock installed

August Smart Lock and Smart Lock Pro

A pair of subtle smart locks Pro models includes Wi-Fi bridge Sleek designs Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant support Expensive Pro model Base model requires pricey add-on for Wi-Fi features

The bottom line

August’s Smart Lock and Smart Lock Pro are wirelessly connected deadbolts aimed at making it easier for you to come and go. 

Neither model replaces your existing deadbolt, so you can still use your keys on the outside. But, both smart locks add an easy way for you, your family, or your friends to unlock the door with a phone, and the devices can automatically lock up behind you.

The base August Smart Lock is more affordable at $149 (about £110), but requires a separate August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge for more advanced features.

The August Smart Lock Pro has more features, and it comes bundled with the August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge, giving it even more functionality out of the box. But, it’s starting price of $279 (about £210) is steep.

August Smart Locks: what you need to know

August’s Smart Lock is slick looking, and the Smart Lock Pro is goes even further. The locks are also subtle, as both locks can mount onto existing single-cylinder deadbolts, replacing the locking mechanism on the interior [...]  read more

Daimler and Bosch will use NVIDIA to power self-driving taxis

The NVIDIA system can tackle an impressive 320 trillion operations per second. All the parties involved in this new venture hope this will be enough to power level 4 and 5 vehicles which will be used as robo-taxis.

Daimler and Bosch announced back in April they would be teaming up to develop self-driving taxis. The two companies had said they wanted to get these vehicles on the road within five years. With today’s news, it looks like they’re on track with that.

The first of the cars using NVIDIA’s AI platform (which the Daimler says will be Mercedes S-Class sedans and V-Class vans) will start road testing in a Silicon Valley city starting in the second half of 2019. The two companies are still negotiating with the city and will announce the location at a later date. The final version (or at least ready for a larger general rollout) should be ready in the first part of the next decade. A bit vague timeline wise, but within the goal already set forth by the two companies.

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