The Engineering Behind Elon Musk’s Bid to Save Thailand’s Cave Boys

Around 6 pm Tuesday at Tham Luang in Thailand, the last of the 13 survivors who had spent 18 days trapped in a cave emerged to safety. A rescue team had spent the past three days getting the boys out after five days of desperate planning and calculations since their discovery.

As the boys’ oxygen supply dwindled, doubts in the rescuers’ ability to save them mounted. The boys weren’t trained scuba divers, and they were facing a voyage on which a pro Thai Navy SEAL died, while placing oxygen tank supplies along the route.

Then Elon Musk entered the fray, apparently at the humble request of a Twitter follower:

What followed was a curious few days where two rescue operations played out simultaneously. The first was the official one in Thailand that ultimately proved successful, and the second was run by Musk—an unsolicited effort that Thai authorities ultimately called [...]  read more

Euro, Di Maio rassicura la Ue: non stiamo pensando a un piano B

"Non ci sto pensando io e il governo non sta lavorando a questo. Non possiamo immaginarlo nemmeno per un attimo". Lo ha detto a Omnibus su La7 il vicepremier, Luigi Di Maio, in merito alla possibilità che il governo stia lavorando a un piano B per
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Nintendo Switch hardware patch reportedly found in brand new units

Nintendo has reportedly issued the first of its Nintendo Switch console units with at least one of the infamous Nvidia Tegra chip security flaws patched out. Noted game console hacker SciresM let loose the news via Twitter (seen below) and Discord, as spotted by a ResetEra forums user.

Patching these hardware security flaws – particularly the ‘f-g’ exploit – has been a long time coming for Nintendo following their exposure late last year. Before and since then, the homebrew (and, on a related note, piracy) scene exploded on the Switch console, thanks to the flaw.

In fact, homebrewing and hacking on Nintendo Switch has advanced so quickly since the flaws were widely reported that the console has been seen emulating Nintendo GameCube games.

Of course, being a company that’s in the business of making money, Nintendo has already clamped down on piracy and homebrewing on its console, outright banning consoles from playing online found to be doing so with pirated games.

Bad [...]  read more

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s brutal education in net neutrality

DC Circuit Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh has been nominated for the position of Supreme Court Justice, and on this occasion I think it warranted that we revisit in detail the sound intellectual thrashing this man suffered at the hands of his colleagues just last year on the topic of the internet and net neutrality. Because Kavanaugh was very, very wrong then and gives every indication that he will take his ignorance unapologetically to the highest court in the land.

To set the scene: In 2015 the United States Telecom Association sued the FCC, alleging the Open Internet Order that passed earlier that year, establishing net neutrality as we know it — or rather, knew it — was illegal.

This highly watched case was heard late in 2015 and the decision was issued six months later, in June of 2016. DC Circuit Judges Srinivasan, Tatel and Williams ruled against the telecoms, essentially finding that the FCC was well within [...]  read more

Google brings accessible Morse code typing to Gboard on iOS

Google is expanding the reach of Gboard’s Morse code support. The search firm has introduced the accessibility-focused keyboard to Gboard for iOS, making communication easier for iPhone and iPad owners with limited motion. As before, it replaces the usual letters with giant dot and dash buttons and offers text suggestions that include the Morse code for a given word. If you’re not sure how to write, don’t worry — Google is providing some help on that front as well.

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Come see Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi at TC Disrupt

In the days of Uber 1.0, the ethos seemed to be about doing all the wrong things. Now, with former Expedia CEO Dara Khosrowshahi at the helm, Uber is clearly on its way to becoming a sort of Expedia for transportation. Though, Khosrowshahi has previously likened Uber’s business to aligning more with the idea of an Amazon for transportation.

At TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco in September, Khosrowshahi will join me to discuss Uber’s big plan to own the entire transportation experience for people, the highs and lows of his first year on the job, Uber’s upcoming initial public offering and much more.

Under Khosrowshahi’s leadership, Uber officially became a multi-modal transportation platform with its acquisition of JUMP Bikes for about $200 million, the launch of UberRENT and a public transportation partnership with Masabi.

Oh, and Uber is also working on electric scooters, as well as flying cars via its Elevate program. Just like residential and buildings have gone three-dimensional, [...]  read more