For the first time, Netflix tops HBO for most Emmy nominations

Netflix has broken HBO’s 17-year streak as the most nominated network at the Emmy Awards.

In the nominations released this afternoon, Netflix came out slightly ahead, with 112 nominations compared to HBO’s 108. Those include Best Comedy nods for GLOW and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, as well as Best Drama nominations for The Crown and Stranger Things.

Other Netflix shows got some love as well. Jordan Crook, my co-host on the Original Content podcast, will be glad to know that Jason Bateman was nominated for his work as both actor and director on Ozark. Meanwhile, Black Mirror‘s “USS Calister” episode was nominated for Best Television Movie.

The other big streaming services had good news, too. Hulu received 27 nominations, with last year’s Best Drama winner [...]  read more

Uber lets riders pay with Venmo

“There have been 6 million transactions inside of Venmo in the last year alone that were discussing Uber,” BIll Ready, COO of the Venmo parent company PayPal Holdings, told Bloomberg.

Uber is now the largest retailer to accept Venmo payments, according to Bloomberg. The service introduced ‘Pay with Venmo’ last fall, which enabled retailers to let customers make purchases with the feature, though that shifts transaction fees to the company.

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Best 4K TVs for gaming: 5 TVs that pair nicely with your PS4 and Xbox One

 Best TVs for Gaming Buying Guide: Welcome to TechRadar’s round-up of the best 4K TVs for PS4 and Xbox you can buy for any budget in 2018.  

If you’re a console gamer, finding the right TV can be a hassle. PC gamers have it easy – all they need to do is find a monitor with a 4K resolution and wickedly fast refresh rate and hit the buy button. Us console gamers have it tougher.

That said, nothing is impossible. No high score is too high and no achievement is locked forever. Just like every other challenge, you can conquer this, too.

The good news is that you have an ally on the field of battle – us! We’re here to help you pick out the best 4K HDR TV that plays nicely with all your consoles, whether you’re a member of PlayStation Nation with a PS4 and PS4 Pro, or an Xbox Elite and boast the Xbox One X or Xbox One S. Us console gamers gotta stick together. 

Specc’d to win

So what exactly does a TV need to be able to do these days to unlock your full gaming potential? [...]  read more

The latest Spike Lee Joint is all about Uber drivers

The five films are subtitled for Uber drivers in Brooklyn (that Uber paid for their participation), including an aspiring actress, and art restorationist, a serial entrepreneur, a “passionate carer” for animals and a hairstylist (and mother of two). The auteur apparently chose the featured folks by himself out of thousands of Uber non-employees in the area.

“I was attracted to this project because I know a lot of people who drive on the Uber platform and it gives them the flexibility they need to pursue their dreams,” wrote Lee in a statement. “That’s how we do it in Brooklyn – that’s the Brooklyn hustle.”

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The Department of Justice isn’t done fighting the AT&T-Time Warner merger

The U.S. Department of Justice has filed to appeal a federal judge’s decision to approve AT&T’s acquisition of Time Warner.

Back when he was campaigning for the presidency, Donald Trump said his administration would block the deal, and indeed, the DOJ sued to stop the merger, arguing it would hurt competition.

Last month, however, U.S. District Court Judge Richard J. Leon ruled that the deal could move forward without conditions. He said from the bench, “The court has now spoken. … The defendants have won” — and the deal closed later that week.

In fact, we’re already starting to see some of the fallout, with AT&T’s reported plans for Time Warner-owned HBO leading to a flurry of worried headlines in just the past couple days.

The deal also seemed to set the stage for even more consolidation between telecom and media companies, leading Comcast to challenge Disney for ownership of Fox’s film [...]  read more

The Ultimate Carbon-Saving Tip? Travel by Cargo Ship

By the end of June, Kajsa Fernström Nåtby was homesick. The native Swede had just finished a 5-month internship with her country’s diplomatic office near the UN headquarters in Manhattan, darting between debates on migration and ocean plastic. Now, her parents were pleading for her to hop on an 8-hour flight across the Atlantic and rush home.

But Fernström Nåtby had a different idea. Putting convenience aside, she opted to glide across the Atlantic on a cargo ship—getting home in what she calls the most “klimatsmarta” or “climate-smart” way possible. She arrived in Sweden on Tuesday night, after 12 days aboard the ship “La Traviata,” two full days on trains, and a few overnight stays at friends’ homes.

Cargo vessels sometimes host a handful of cabins for transporting real passengers, tucked away among the sun-dried colors of hundreds of freight containers. Fernström Nåtby’s berth, along with meals, cost upwards of $100 a day, a steep price for [...]  read more