Splatoon 2’s new weapon looks like a toilet

Splatoon and its Switch-based sequel, Splatoon 2, are known for their imaginative and bombastic weapons. You can tackle the series’ ink-based warfare with dual pistols, shotguns and sniper rifles, but also paint brushes, buckets and even a modified NES Zapper. The latest addition to the game’s armoury, though, might be the best yet. Nintendo of Europe teased the ‘Bloblobber’ today, which looks remarkably similar to a toilet or electronic bidet at first glance. (Seriously, so many people think it’s a toilet on Twitter.) Upon closer inspection, though, it’s probably a tiny bathtub. (Do bidets have inward-facing handles? I’m totally overthinking this…)

social experiment by Livio Acerbo #greengroundit #engadget https://www.engadget.com/2018/07/12/splatoon-2-bloblobber-bath-bidet-weapon/