Disney tech smooths out bad CG hair days

Disney is unequivocally the world’s leader in 3D simulations of hair — something of a niche talent in a way, but useful if you make movies like Tangled, where hair is basically the main character. A new bit of research from the company makes it easier for animators to have hair follow their artistic intent while also moving realistically.

The problem Disney Research aimed to solve was a compromise that animators have had to make when making the hair on characters do what the scene requires. While the hair will ultimately be rendered in glorious high definition and with detailed physics, it’s too computationally expensive to do that while composing the scene.

Should a young warrior in her tent be wearing her hair up or down? Should it fly out when she turns her head quickly to draw attention to the movement, or stay weighed down so the audience isn’t distracted? Trying various combinations of these things can eat up hours of rendering time. So, like any smart artist, they rough [...]  read more

Create on the go: Photoshop coming to iPad

Since the release of iOS 11 and the iPad Pro, Apple has been asking “what’s a computer?” And, now that Adobe is bringing Photoshop over to to the iPad as well, many more people might be asking themselves that same question.

We don’t know when it’s going to happen, but Adobe is planning on bringing Photoshop to iOS later this year, as part of the process of porting more Creative Cloud apps to the mobile platform, according to a report from Bloomberg.

The full details of the app will be unveiled at the MAX creative conference in October, according to people close to the plan. We don’t know what the compatibility will be like, however Belsky did mention that “Newer versions of the iPad Pro are now powerful enough to support Adobe’s apps”. So, perhaps it’ll require an iPad Pro to work – and maybe the 2018 student iPad as well. Apple has previously been rumored to be unveiling new iPad Pro 2018 tablets. 

This shift in strategy is due to hobbyists demanding the ability [...]  read more

Joss Wheedon returns to TV with HBO’s sci-fi drama, ‘The Nevers’

Joss Whedon’s next show has been ordered by HBO, which reportedly beat out other bidders including Netflix, per The Hollywood Reporter. The Nevers is a science fiction drama about a group of Victorian women with unusual abilities who have to fight enemies and complete their world-changing mission — in other words, typical Whedon fare. He will write, direct, executive produce and serve as showrunner. At this point, there’s no release date.

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Coinbase teases new cryptocurrency assets for which it’s ‘exploring’ support

Coinbase is taking a look at some new cryptocurrencies to add to its exchange. The list is kind of a pre-announcement, with the startup saying that it’s “exploring” adding the assets and is working with local banks and regulators to make them happen.

On the list are…

Coinbase is one of the most popular exchange companies and holds quite a bit of sway in directing attention and enthusiasm within the broader blockchain/cryptocurrency space, so the exploration announcement is sure to bring some added interest to these particular assets.

Last month, the site announced it was adding Ethereum Classic to the exchange, though in a blog post published today, Coinbase notes that while adding that asset was relatively straightforward, it’s going to take some regulatory work to add any of these new tokens, further noting that they “cannot guarantee they will be listed for trading.”

Coinbase got some flack with the debacle surrounding the rollout of Bitcoin Cash after several users accused [...]  read more