Alita takes on a ton of cyborgs in new ‘Alita: Battle Angel’ trailer

And while she struggles to recall her past, she’s also forced to fight for her future, as those seeking to control Alita’s power attempt to destroy her. In the trailer, we see Vector (Mahershala Ali) say, “She’s threatening the natural order of things,” before launching an all-out war to bring Alita down.

Alita: Battle Angel hits theaters December 21st. You can check out the new trailer below.

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Milano, 22enne violentata con la droga dello stupro in un drink: due condanne a 12 e una a 8 anni

Due imputati condannati a 12 anni di carcere e uno condannato a 8 anni e 6 mesi. Si è chiuso così in primo grado il processo a carico di tre uomini arrestati tra dicembre 2017 e gennaio 2018 perché nell’aprile dello scorso anno avrebbero prima stordito una 22enne con le benziodazepine, la cosiddetta «droga dello stupro», versate in un drink e poi l’avrebbero stuprata nell’appartamento di uno dei tre a Bellusco, in provincia di Monza e Brianza. Il Tribunale di Milano ha riconosciuto l’aggravante dell’uso della droga. Il pm di Milano Gianluca Prisco aveva chiesto di condannare a pene fino a 14 anni di carcere i tre uomini. «Non possono essere concesse le attenuanti generiche «perché sarebbe un insulto» per la vittima e anzi deve essere applicata al reato di violenza [...]  read more

Pokémon GO gets ‘Lucky’ Pokémon obtainable only by trading

Pokémon GO just got a little surprise update, complete with a curious new feature: “Lucky” Pokémon.

Most things in Pokémon GO are adapted from things that already exist in the Pokémon universe. Items like incense, lucky eggs and the like all exist in the main Pokémon series (though what these items actually do tends to be a bit different in GO).

Lucky Pokémon, as far as I know, is a new concept altogether.

So what are they? And how are they different from existing Shiny Pokémon?

Shiny Pokémon are rare variations of existing Pokémon with colors that differ from the standard. You might tap on your 398th Dratini, for example, only to find that it’s bright pink instead of the standard blue. You might randomly tap a Minun to find that it has green ears instead of blue, or an Aron with red eyes instead of blue. It’s a fun way to keep players tapping on Pokémon even after their Pokédex is technically complete. The differences are only skin deep, though; beyond [...]  read more

Tap to Alexa makes Amazon Echo Show friendlier to the hearing impaired

When you don’t have any problems hearing, the Amazon Echo Show is a great device. Its voice-first interface makes sending commands to your smart home a breeze, and it means that Alexa’s always on standby in case you have a desperate need for an answer to an inquiry. 

But, for people who are hearing impaired, using the Amazon Echo Show wasn’t always easy.  

Thankfully Amazon has set out to fix those problems with a new feature called Tap to Alexa that’s launching today for the Amazon Echo Show. The feature will place common Alexa commands on the Echo Show’s homescreen and will introduce a virtual keyboard to allow users to type in commands by hand.

The aforementioned shortcuts will be customizable as well as swappable – if you don’t need a shortcut to turn on the lights in your home, you can swap it out for something more appropriate. Shortcuts, in this case, can consist of individual actions or entire routines. 

Accessibility for all 

The Tap to Alexa update comes on the same day that the [...]  read more

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Jet Off to Europe Without Baby Stormi

“Kylie joined Travis for his short European tour,” a source tells PEOPLE. … The new mom, who welcomed her baby girl in February, “usually travels with …. 39, and her grandchildren on their Italy trip, celebrating Penelope's birthday …
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YouTube tests Explore tab for even more video recommendations

Like Instagram‘s own Explore tab, YouTube’s new experiment was created to help users discover more videos, topics and channels that might get buried under the onslaught of new content daily. It’s aimed squarely at creators, as well, to make sure their videos get surfaced to audiences that might like them. For example, if you’ve been watching a bunch of videos about telescopes, you might see some videos about high-end cameras in your Explore tab. There will also be new “shelves” within the Explore area, including areas for trending videos and one for emerging creators “on the rise.”

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Doughbies’ cookie crumbles in a cautionary tale of venture scale

Doughbies should have been a bakery, not a venture-backed startup. Founded in the frothy days of 2013 and funded with $670,000 by investors including 500 Startups, Doughbies built a same-day cookie delivery service. But it was never destined to be capable of delivering the returns required by the VC model that depends on massive successes to cover the majority of bets that fail. The startup became the butt of jokes about how anything could get funding.

This weekend, Doughbies announced it was shutting down immediately. Surprisingly, it didn’t run out of money. Doughbies was profitable, with 36 percent gross margins and 12 percent net profit, co-founder and CEO Daniel Conway told TechCrunch. “The reason we were able to succeed, at this level and thus far, is because we focused on unit economics and customer feedback (NPS scoring). That’s it.”

Many other startups in the on-demand space missed that memo and vaporized. Shyp mailed stuff for you and Washio dry cleaned your clothes, [...]  read more

Comic-Con 2018: This Year’s Best Cosplay

Nathaniel Emond attended this year’s Comic-Con International as Aquaman.

The escalators inside the San Diego Convention Center were packed with attendees on Saturday at Comic-Con 2018.

From right, Sheyla, Nat, Amber, and Agali cosplay as the characters from the Japanese video game Doki Doki Literature Club!

Brittany Goodwin cosplays as Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones.

Goodwin had the costume custom made for her.

Megan Flether dressed up at Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII.

Rochelle Chavalier, of Saskatchewan, Cananda, dressed up as Galadriel from Lord of the Rings.

Fans hold their phones in the air to capture the appearance of a celebrity guest outside the National Geographic Cosmos Booth.

A fan dressed as Darkwing Duck walks through the main corridor of Comic-Con just after the doors opened in the morning.

A man dressed as a Spartan soldier from 300 takes a break to check his phone.

Attendees wait for the doors of the convention to open on Saturday, typically the biggest day [...]  read more