The Not Company is looking to start a food revolution from Chile

Technology investors, tasting an opportunity to capitalize on the triple threat of malnutrition, resource scarcity and pollution brought on by the increasing globalization and industrialization of food, are investing billions into startup companies pitching alternative sources of sustenance.

In the past five years, venture capitalists and corporations have invested over $9.5 billion into 2,100 deals around the world — all with the aim of replacing or supplementing traditional methods of growing, manufacturing, processing and distributing the world’s food, according to data from CB Insights.

The Not Company, with its headquarters twenty-two minutes from downtown Santiago in the southeastern corner of the city, may seem like an unlikely rising contender in this multi-billion dollar business of food replacement; but it’s from there that chief executive Matias Muchnick and his two co-founders are plotting to bring the potential benefits of [...]  read more

How to watch Mikey Garcia vs Robert Easter Jr: live stream the full fight online from anywhere

Lightweight World Champions Mikey Garcia and Robert Easter Jr. are set to meet in a 135-pound title unification fight in Los Angles. Who will take the two titles for their own? You can find out by watching the potentially epic battle using a live stream of the boxing from anywhere you are.

Garcia vs Easter Jr – where and when?
The Mikey Garcia vs Robert Easter Jr. fight takes place on Saturday July 28 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

It’s set for a 10pm start Eastern Time – that’s 7pm Pacific and 3am BST in the early hours of Sunday for UK viewers. 

This is it, the fight to determine who is the best lightweight boxer in the world. Mikey Garcia brings his WBC title while Robert Easter Jr. has his IBF belt backing him. 

Garcia won his title in 2017 by knockout when he beat Dejan Zlatičanin in the third. Moving weight up to the 140-pounds category, he has now won a total of four world titles in four different weight categories. Easter Jr. nabbed his vacant belt from Richard Commey in 2016 and has defended it three times, winning each by beating Luis Cruz, Denis Shafikov and Javier Fortuna.

Garcia stands with a record [...]  read more

Di Maio: "La Tav non serve". Salvini vuole andare avanti

La tirannia dell'elettorato pesa sul governo gialloverde e nel caso della Tav tira il M5S da un lato e la Lega da quello opposto. Se Luigi Di Maio e il premier Giuseppe Conte vogliono bloccare la Torino-Lione per rispettare gli impegni presi con i
by Livio Acerbo #greengroundit #thisisnews

The Peculiar Math That Could Underlie the Laws of Nature

In 2014, a graduate student at the University of Waterloo, Canada, named Cohl Furey rented a car and drove six hours south to Pennsylvania State University, eager to talk to a physics professor there named Murat Günaydin. Furey had figured out how to build on a finding of Günaydin’s from 40 years earlier—a largely forgotten result that supported a powerful suspicion about fundamental physics and its relationship to pure math.

Quanta Magazine

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Original story reprinted with permission from Quanta Magazine, an editorially independent publication of the Simons Foundation whose mission is to enhance public understanding of science by covering research developments and trends in mathematics and the physical and life sciences.

The suspicion, harbored by many physicists and mathematicians over the decades but rarely actively pursued, is that the peculiar panoply of forces and particles that comprise reality spring logically from the properties of eight-dimensional numbers called “octonions.”

As numbers go, the familiar real numbers—those found on the number line, like 1, π and -83.777—just get things started. Real numbers can be paired up in a particular way to form “complex numbers,” first studied in 16th-century Italy, that behave like coordinates on a 2-D plane. Adding, [...]  read more

Say hello to the DIY Game Boy clone that could revolutionise handheld gaming

The market for traditional handheld game consoles may have diminished when compared to the glory days of the Nintendo DS, but it’s impossible to deny the intrinsic appeal of portable play. From the chunky monochrome Game Boy to the sleek-yet-pocketable Sony PSP, gaming on a handheld is a gloriously tactile and immediate experience, and a group of developers is aiming to recapture the same core spirit with a system which is as customisable as it is adorable.

The Clockwork GameShell arrived on Kickstarter late last year and promised a Game Boy-sized device with a modular construction and open-source operating system. Unlike a great many crowdfunding campaigns, it’s actually gotten as far as becoming solid reality and the first units are now reaching than hands of backers. We’ve been lucky enough to have a fiddle with one of these early units, and have come away very impressed indeed.

DIY delights

Made with software developers and digital hobbyists in mind, the GameShell isn’t [...]  read more

Milano rilancia sulla mobilità condivisa, in arrivo anche monopattini e skateboard elettrici

Si allarga la mappa della mobilità condivisa. Perché, adesso, dopo il bike sharing, il car sharing e lo scooter sharing, a Milano potrà sbarcare – e viaggiare – anche una nuova flotta di mezzi innovativi: dai segway ai monopattini, dagli hoverboard agli skateboard. Uniche regole: dovranno essere elettrici e omologati per circolare in strada.In principio sono state le due ruote gialle di Bikemi, con l’evoluzione successiva delle bici che non hanno bisogno di essere prese e riportare alle rastrelliere. Poi, è stata la volta delle auto in condivisione, aumentate sempre di più. Infine, è toccato agli scooter con due aziende che, in questo momento, hanno un servizio di sharing in città. Ed è proprio quest’ultima la tipologia di mezzi che Palazzo Marino vuole far crescere, puntando però sui ciclomotori elettrici. Per questo, la giunta comunale ha appena approvato le linee guida di un nuovo bando che sarà lanciato nei prossimi mesi [...]  read more