Netflix is adapting edgy social media reality TV show ‘The Circle’

Like Big Brother, The Circle is billed as an edgy social experiment — one that’s particularly pertinent in this age of digital everything. And in theory, it is. The internet can be a nefarious place, so a peek inside the minds of reward-driven catfishers should technically make for compulsive viewing. But as we’ve already discussed in our comprehensive Hot Take, the way the players interact on The Circle bears no resemblance to the way people use social media in real life. So really, it’s less about social media, and more about made-for-TV personalities screeching baffling sentences like “EL-O-EL WINKY EMOJI HASHTAG BANTS SEND” to nobody in particular, like demented hyenas.

Still, that might be your thing. In which case, you’ll soon be able to catch three all-new local versions of the show on Netflix, featuring players from three different countries, including the US. No word yet on when it will arrive, but you could get yourself hyped up in the meantime by installing studio lighting in your lounge and shouting incoherently at your TV.

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