Dyson Airwrap can curl or straighten your hair using less heat

The device can curl, straighten or just dry your hair, depending on which nozzle you attach to the top part of the rod. This operates on temperatures no higher than 150°C/302°F instead of the usual 200-250°C/392-482°F range, and given how it uses air flow to gently wrap your hair around it (it’s called the “Coanda effect”), there’s apparently no risk of hair tangling.

Also, apparently conventional hair curlers require totally dry hair, but the Airwrap can also work on hair that’s 90% dry; or simply pop on the hair-drying nozzle for some quick blowdrying (but obviously less effective than the Supersonic).

For straightening, there are attachments for different types of hair depending on hardness vs. softness. In the US it’s going on sale in three packages, with both the Dyson Airwrap Volume + Shape kit (for flat hair) and the Dyson Airwrap Smooth + Control kit (for “frizz prone hair” available for $500, while the Dyson Air Wrap Complete set with all of the attachments for different types for $550.

social experiment by Livio Acerbo #greengroundit #engadget https://www.engadget.com/2018/10/09/dyson-airwrap-curler/