Netflix’s ‘BoJack Horseman’ is coming to international TV networks

As before, this is mainly possible thanks to the looser restrictions around Netflix’s earlier originals. It was more open to TV deals at a time when it both had to strive harder to get exclusives and couldn’t offer its streaming service to as many countries. You probably won’t see this kind of wide distribution for newer blockbuster shows like Stranger Things, at least not in the near future — it’s just not necessary to maintain rights or reach an international audience.

Even so, this could be a test run for Netflix. Production company Tornante’s founder Michael Eisner told Variety that this was effectively an “experiment” in seeing how Netflix shows fare after their streaming-only days are over. If it proves to be lucrative, Eisner argued, Netflix might open the door to other deals. That’s not a far-fetched idea. While Netflix would no doubt want to keep newer seasons to itself, it could generate extra revenue from its classics with relatively little effort.

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