Tesla is keeping 44 U.S. stores open until midnight in year-end Model 3 sales push

Some Tesla employees will ring in the New Year on a sales floor this year as the automaker tries to liquidate its inventory of Model 3 sedans — and even its more expensive Model S and Model X vehicles — before the federal tax credit for EVs is cut in half.

In a list of updated hours, 44 of the stores, including locations in California, Minnesota, Nevada, New York and Ohio, are open until midnight Monday. Tesla has more than 100 stores and galleries in the United States. Calls made to several of these stores indicate these locations have a mix of Model 3 sedans available for pickup today. Sales associates didn’t provide specific numbers.

After midnight Monday, the $7,500 federal electric vehicle tax credit will drop to $3,750 for anyone buying a Tesla vehicle.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been using Twitter to warn of the expiring tax credit for months now. Recently, the pace of promotion has escalated as Tesla’s inventory of Model 3 vehicles in the U.S. has persisted.

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Trump EPA Says Mercury Limits On Coal Plants Too Costly, Not ‘Necessary’

Trump EPA Says Mercury Limits On Coal Plants Too Costly, Not ‘Necessary’
In another proposed reversal of an Obama-era standard, the Environmental Protection Agency Friday said limiting mercury and other toxic emissions from coal- and oil-fired power plants is not cost-effective and should not be considered “appropriate and necessary.”

December 29, 2018 at 04:03PM
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Lille, happy days are there again

In Northern France, just across the Belgian border and only an hour's drive … La Citadelle (the Citadel), where public tours are organized monthly.
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January 2019 Outlook For Bitcoin

Last month saw the price of BTC/USD (BTC-USD) drop below its long-standing support price of $5,800, on the back of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH-USD) …
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9 New Year’s resolutions smartphone manufacturers should make

Some of you may be working on your 2019 resolutions. Want to try being vegan for a month, start doing to the gym again or stop stealing from the stationery cupboard at work because it’s all getting a bit out of hand? Good for you.

But, as we all know – hand on heart – giant companies are citizens too. According to the 14th amendment, corporations are afforded some of the protections of personhood. So why shouldn’t they have to make some New Year’s resolutions too?

Here are the 2019 resolutions the smartphone giants should adopt. For their phones. For us. And for the world. Amen.

Stop assuming we can spend half our income on phones

One of the scariest developments in phones over 2018 was the flirting with the $1000/£1000 price boundary. Heck, Apple even sailed right across it with the iPhone XS Max.

How about we get real, and realize that most of us can’t, don’t want to, or really shouldn’t, spend this much on a phone? Sadly, this one is likely to happen as your pledge to go to the gym four [...]  read more

Memory And The Lost Cause

Memory And The Lost Cause
The Mississippi River is a marvel. It is filthy, contaminated and mostly unsuitable for swimming, drinking or fishing. It is also, for me, steadying and grounding.

December 31, 2018 at 01:00AM
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