Bell’s Nexus Air Taxi Brings Flying Cars Down to Earth

The past two years have seen visions of traffic-hopping bliss delivered via spry air taxis coming at us like peregrine falcons dive-bombing pigeons, and Bell just made sure 2019 won’t be any different. At CES this afternoon, the aerospace company unveiled its own view of this future. The 6,000-pound Nexus comes equipped with a 150-mile range, a top speed of 150 mph, expansive windows for someday-to-be-dazzled passengers, an augmented-reality-enhanced flight experience, and—most importantly—a grounding in reality that will likely prove to be the envy of all air taxi startups.

The Nexus, whose interior Bell showed at last year’s CES, will use six tilting ducted fans powered by a hybrid-electric propulsion system, with wings helping supplement lift in forward flight. The actual duct casings themselves will contribute lift during horizontal flight, as well, but the Nexus will rely on the six 8-foot-diameter fans for forward thrust and, while pivoted to the horizontal, takeoffs and [...]  read more

Grey’s Anatomy: La ABC ordina nuovi episodi per la 15esima stagione

E mentre prosegue il conto alla rovescia per il ritorno della 15esima stagione di Grey’s Anatomy, arriva una notizia che renderà felici i fan del medical drama.  Il nuovo triangolo amoroso tra Andrew, Meredith e Link, quello annunciato da tempo tra Amelia, Owen e Teddy e la malattia di Catherine Avery. Questo quello che arriverà […]

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MSI packs its gaming laptops with Nvidia RTX graphics at CES 2019

MSI is the latest laptop maker to announce at CES 2019 that it is releasing a gaming laptop with Nvidia’s new mobile RTX graphics cards.

The new MSI Stealth GS75 is a thin and light gaming laptop that comes with an 8th generation Intel Core i7 processor, Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 GPU and a 17.3-inch 144HZ IPS-level display, all packaged up in an aluminum alloy body that’s only 0.75 inches thick.

MSI is clearly aiming to show that powerful gaming laptops need not be big and bulky, with the Stealth GS75 offering some of the most impressive gaming tech in a slimline design.

According to MSI, “the GS series breaks the stereotype of bulky and heavy gaming laptops, offering an exceptional and portable gaming experience,” and it is also releasing an overhauled version of its GS65 laptop. This 15.6-inch device will now come with the latest Intel processors and Nvidia graphics, while weighing less than 4.19 pounds.

The MSI GE75 Raider is another gaming laptop that will benefit from Nvidia’s [...]  read more