Barbara D’Urso: “Sul set de la Dottoressa Giò ho avuto un incidente pesantissimo”

Questa sera in prima serata su Canale 5 tornerà in onda dopo 22 anni, la serie della Dottoressa Giò interpretata da Barbara D’Urso: ecco le sue rivelazioni. Barbara d’Urso intervistata ieri a Verissimo ha dichiarato:   “Sono agitatissima per la Dottoressa Giò, è come un parto. Io sono 22 anni che chiedo di fare la …

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Rischio valanghe in Valtellina: vietati fuori pista e ciaspolate

Vietati fuori pista e ciaspolate sulle Alpi lombarde, domani, per l’elevato rischio valanghe: il divieto è fissato dall’ultimo bollettino emesso in serata dal Centro regionale nivometo dell’Arpa Lombardia con sede a Bormio (Sondrio). Gli esperti spiegano che, in particolare sulle Alpi Retiche, l’indice del pericolo è nel weekend “3 marcato”, su una scala di valori che prevede cinque gradini. Rischio valanghe in Valtellina: vietati fuori pista e ciaspolate
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The Rise of the Swiss Army Gadget

A router that’s also a speaker. A mirror that’s also a lamp. A picture frame that charges your smartphone. Welcome to the hybrid gadget revolution! It’s a little bit Swiss Army knife, a little bit Island of Doctor Moreau.

Convergences have long been a staple of progress, from multitools to kitchen implements to every other As Seen on TV striver. Surely some medieval archer fashioned a backscratcher out of a bow. But over the last year or two, the combinations have come more quickly, and grown both increasingly outlandish and outrageously useful. For that you can thank—or curse, depending on your tolerance for novelty—a confluence of factors.

Let’s start with the advance you’ve already guessed, or at least have already noticed in your own life: Alexa. Well, voice assistants generally. But it’s Amazon that has most aggressively courted hardware manufacturers, opening up a software development [...]  read more

Why Silicon Valley needs more visas

Henrique Dubugras is the founder Brex, the billion-dollar corporate credit provider for startups. More posts by this contributor


p dir=”ltr”>When I hear protesters shout, “Immigrants are welcome here!” at the San Francisco immigration office near my startup’s headquarters, I think about how simple a phrase that is for a topic that is so nuanced, especially for me as an immigrant entrepreneur.

Growing up in Brazil, I am less familiar with the nuances of the American debate on immigration legislation, but I know that immigrants here add a lot of jobs and stimulate the local economy. As an immigrant entrepreneur, I’ve tried to check all of those boxes, and really prove my value to this country.

My tech startup Brex has achieved a lot in a short period of time, a feat which is underscored by receiving a $1 [...]  read more

OnePlus 7 release date, price, news and rumors

Update: The OnePlus 7 could use the Snapdragon 855 chipset, be one of the first phones with 5G and have 10GB of RAM.

The OnePlus 6T released last fall held up the company’s tradition of flagship specs and features at a midrange price, but we’re already starting to hear about the company’s next phone, the OnePlus 7. 

Mind you, it’s not much yet – OnePlus is keeping mum on how its next phone will improve on the OnePlus 6T, which included the first in-screen fingerprint sensor on a phone sold in Europe and the US. But the Chinese company has stated that the OnePlus 7 will accomplish a different milestone: it may be one of the first phones to come with a Snapdragon 855 chipset.

We’ll be sure to add any leaks and rumors on the OnePlus 7 to this page when we hear them. In the meantime, here’s what we hope the phone will offer, along with some speculation about it.

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? The next numbered phone from OnePlus
  • When is it out? Likely mid-2019
  • What will it cost? Probably at least $549 / £499 / AU$599

OnePlus 7 release date and price

The OnePlus 7 will probably land sometime in the middle of 2019. The OnePlus 6 was announced in [...]  read more