Refurbished iPhone deals: save hundreds on the iPhone X with this great new price

Simply put, this is the cheapest iPhone X deal on a contract you can get right now. But there is a little catch…the handset is ‘refurbished’.

But before you start picturing a fingerprint-covered phone with scuffs all over. let us tell you why this is such a great offer. First off, refurbished phone deals are certainly stigmatised, but you really shouldn’t worry. This deal is coming from, which guarantees your phone will be in perfect working order and offers a 14-day return period. So even if you’re not happy with the state your new iPhone X arrives in, you can return it straight away. Even better, you are covered by a year long warranty and a free replacement if anything goes wrong in the first month.

Now that we’ve got the reassurance out of the way, let us tell you about this great deal. You can get the iPhone X for just £32 a month and £140 upfront (if you use our exclusive 10OFF voucher code at the checkout) meaning a total two year spend of around £900 and you even get a big data cap of 10GB. We can tell you now that iPhone X deals just don’t come better than that and we’ve compared to make sure this is one of the best offers you will get. 

Refurbished Phone X from | O2 | £140 upfront (with 10OFF code) | 10GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £32pm
This is the cheapest price you can currently get on an iPhone X deal – around £200 cheaper than similar deals on brand new phones. If you’re willing to move past the fact it’s a refurb then you can get one of the best phones to come out recently for a great price and not even have to scrimp on the data plan as you still get 10GB with it.
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Are refurbished mobile phone deals safe to buy?

When you’re buying a shiny, new smartphone, we completely understand that most people probably aren’t too keen on the thought of being stuck with somebody’s old cast-off. You may also be a bit anxious that you’re receiving damaged goods – especially when it’s a gift for somebody else.

But let us put your mind at rest. Generally speaking, most refurbished phones being sold at major providers are instances when the former owner simply changed their mind and returned the phone without using it. Those phones can’t be sold as new, so they’re branded as refurbished instead.

Others are sent back as faulty, but have been brought back to their best by the experts that work in these places and in most instances are pretty much good as new.