T-Mobile’s Metro is launching a ‘snackable’ video service in February

Xumo’s mobile channels currently include a handful of major outlets like Bloomberg, CBSN, Fox Sports, and NBC News as well as a legion of independents and niche stations, including Cheddar, Time and Funny or Die. From the description, however, it sounds like Metro’s app might not have the same lineup and may focus more on video on demand.

Whatever’s involved, this won’t really be a direct competitor to Verizon’s (Engadget’s parent company) defunct Go90 service or AT&T’s WatchTV. It’s more likely to represent a complement to existing Metro bonuses like Amazon Prime and Google One memberships — a little something extra to attract on-the-fence customers. Even so, it is a reminder that T-Mobile is still interested in video and has more ambitious plans in the works.

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