Apple says a fix for the Group FaceTime bug will be rolled out next week

It looks like the nasty eavesdropping bug discovered in FaceTime last week is going to get patched up in the coming days. Since the security vulnerability was made public, Apple has disabled Group FaceTime while it sorts out the mess.

For those just getting up to speed, the bug allowed users to listen in on handsets they were calling, even if the person at the other end didn’t pick up. It worked like this: call someone on FaceTime, add yourself into the group while the call was still being placed, and you’re then eavesdropping (via audio, not video) on the handset you called, even if the call isn’t accepted.

Quite an alarming loophole in the Group FaceTime system and one that has had Apple scrambling to get patched up. In a statement released to 9to5Mac, the company says the feature will be fixed and re-enabled next week.

Now you hear me, now you don’t

“We sincerely apologize to our customers who were affected and all who were concerned about this security issue,” Apple said  [...]  read more

Amazon buys Sundance prize-winning documentary ‘One Child Nation’

The production covers the history and lasting effects of China’s decades-long one-child policy, drawing partly on the history of co-creator Nanfu Wang.

While the deal doesn’t represent the biggest payout at Sundance, it caps a flurry of Amazon acquisitions. The company was the most active at the festival, buying a Mindy Kaling movie, an Adam Driver political thriller, the turn-my-life-around comedy Brittany Runs a Marathon and Shia LaBeouf’s self-referential Honey Boy. Amazon was determined to snap up titles that were either critical hits, showed promise for commercial success or both, and it was willing to spend tens of millions of dollars in the process.

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Neural Networks Need a Cookbook. Here Are the Ingredients

When we design a skyscraper we expect it will perform to specification: that the tower will support so much weight and be able to withstand an earthquake of a certain strength. But with one of the most important technologies of the modern world, we’re effectively building blind. We play with different designs, tinker with different …

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Watch the tech-centric Super Bowl ads from Amazon, Microsoft and others

Another year, another batch of Super Bowl commercials from tech giants like Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

In fact, Amazon will have different ads focusing on different areas of the business: one highlighting products that won’t be taking advantage of its voice-powered assistant Alexa, and another previewing “Hanna,” an upcoming show on Amazon Prime.

Microsoft, meanwhile, is highlighting some of the ways technology can actually make people’s lives better — perhaps as a corrective to the ongoing backlash against the tech industry.

There will be star-studded spots from somewhat less ubiquitous companies too, with Bumble enlisting Serena Williams to deliver a message of empowerment and Squarespace depicting Idris Elba’s attempts to build his own website.

This year, we’ve also got commercials from non-tech companies like Pringles that place voice assistants and robots front-and-center. And while there are plenty of car commercials, I tried to stick to the ones that actually focused [...]  read more

When It Comes to Super Bowl Kickers, Who Will Choke First?

Whether you’re rooting for the New England Patriots this weekend or the Los Angeles Rams, some of the tensest moments of Super Bowl LIII will likely come when a kicker stares down the field, breaks into a sprint, and plants his foot on the ball, sending it arcing towards the field goal in hopes of scoring a few precious points. Those slowed-down moments of the game, in the high-stakes environment of football’s championship event, are when a little sports psychology can go a very long way.

Any team wants its star kicker to display great range and accuracy. But that’s not enough without an exceptional mental game to match. Both teams heading into this year’s Super Bowl are well-equipped in this department. The Patriots’ Stephen Gostkowski is among the NFL’s most consistent and prolific [...]  read more

Super Bowl 2019 live stream: how to watch Patriots vs Rams online free and without commercials

Super Bowl 2019 is now a mere few hours away. One of the most special days in any sporting calendar is here with the New England Patriots vs LA Rams to see who will be top of the NFL tree. If you’ve arrived on this page it’s because you’re quite sure who’s showing Super Bowl LIII, or maybe you like the idea of watching it free of pesky commercial breaks. Well, keep reading, because it’s really easy to do with the help of this guide to getting a free 2019 Super Bowl live stream – no matter where in the world you are.

Watch the 2019 Super Bowl: where and when
You’ve made it to Super Bowl Sunday! The 53rd edition of one of the calendar’s biggest sporting event kicks off later today at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. Only a couple of years on since it was completed, the arena can hod a capacity of 71,000 fans.

Play is scheduled to start at 6.30pm local time, which means 3.30pm PT. Elsewhere in the world, it starts at 11.30pm GMT, 12.30am CET and 10.30am Monday morning AEDT in Australia.

The Patriots and Rams are set to face off in a game that feels almost impossible to call this Sunday in Atlanta.

The Los Angeles franchise had the better regular season with an impressive 13-3-0 record (matched only by the New Orleans Saints that they vanquished [...]  read more

Grey’s Anatomy: Un nuovo addio per Meredith che “doveva arrivare”

Nell’ultimo episodio di Grey’s Anatomy 15 andato in onda, Meredith ha detto addio a suo padre. Ma questa è stata per lei una morte differente. Meredith Grey ha detto addio a suo padre nell’undicesimo episodio di Grey’s Anatomy 15 (la nostra recensione), lo stesso episodio in cui Catherine Avery/Fox si è sottoposta ad un rischioso …

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