Apple briefly regains title as most valuable US company

Apple briefly regains title as most valuable U.S. company … SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Apple very briefly retook its title as the most … beating out Microsoft and, while Alphabet was close behind … Google-parent Alphabet was up 2.6 percent, putting its stock market value at $788 billion.
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La Bambola Assassina: In uscita venerdì il trailer del remake, un teaser ne dà l’annuncio | VIDEO

Questo venerdì sarà pubblicato il primo trailer per il remake del film horror La Bambola Assassina L’Orion Pictures ha dato l’annuncio del prossimo trailer de La Bambola Assassina tramite un originale e particolarmente crudo ed efficace video che vede Tim Matheson fondatore e CEO di una società fittizia. Viene presentato, così, il prossimo ‘innovativo’ gioco …

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Instant tethering coming to several more Chromebooks and Android phones

Having held onto this minor convenience for too long, Google is officially opening up its Chrome OS Instant Tethering feature to more devices with version 71 of its Chrome OS operating system.

Before Chrome OS 71, Instant Tethering allowed any Google-made Android phone to provide a nearby Google-made Chromebook with 3G or LTE internet access immediately once Wi-Fi signal was lost or the laptop was opened without an internet connection.

Essentially, this eliminates the process of setting up a hotspot SSID on your phone, finding the Wi-Fi network the phone produces from your laptop and entering the credentials you set up.

Now, the feature is available on 15 more Chromebooks and 31 more Android phones from just about every major manufacturer of Google devices once Chrome OS 71 is installed. (See below every product that now supports Instant Tethering, thanks to 9to5Google.)

This move is a long time coming since Google introduced it exclusively to its own devices in 2017, and news of the expansion [...]  read more

Women’s networking company Elpha launches out of Y Combinator

Leap, the women’s networking group that was developed by Y Combinator, is spinning out of the company with a new name — Elpha.

Co-founded by Cadran Cowansage, 

The idea for Elpha came to Cowansage years ago, but was launched in 2017 with the support of Y Combinator. Initially Leap was a nights and weekends project (as Cowansage puts it), but it now boasts 7,500 active members. Including its co-founders Abadesi and Kuan. Abadesi started as the first community lead for the Leap group, where she joined from Product Hunt, and was also the founder of Hustle Crew — a group focused on inclusion in tech.

Kuan, a former New Yorker, is a startup veteran who [...]  read more

How Facebook Has Changed Computing

Over the past 15 years, Facebook has changed the way we keep in touch with friends, how we feud with family members, how we think about privacy, and how we consume Russian propaganda—not always for the better. But Facebook also changed computing. From Netflix to Uber to Walmart’s website, many of the apps and services we use every day are built with technologies that Facebook developed and then shared with the world.

As the company grew to accommodate millions, and eventually billions, of users, it had to create tools, from data storage software that can handle mind-boggling amounts of user information to hardware designs for data centers that host those databases. More recently it created new ways to build interfaces for its web and mobile apps. Crucially, Facebook didn’t keep these creations to itself. It released much its work as open source, meaning that anyone else could use, modify, and share Facebook’s inventions.

“Facebook has been a driving [...]  read more

Vieni Da Me, Sanremo 2019: Caterina Balivo fa una gaffe sul Festival

Vieni Da Me, condotto da Caterina Balivo, sta parlando in questi giorni di  Sanremo 2019. Ed è proprio lei ad aver fatto una gaffe. I telespettatori sono sempre attenti su tutti i talk, e Vieni Da Me non è da meno. Anche il programma condotto da Caterina Balivo, in questi giorni, sta parlando del Festival di Sanremo 2019 ma nessuno si aspettava che fosse proprio lei a fare una gaffe nello stesso programma “Vieni Da Me“. Uno dei tanti ospiti della puntata di “Vieni Da Me” di …

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