The Flash: Un membro del cast andrà via alla fine della quinta stagione?

The Flash è stato rinnovato per una sesta stagione, ma la quinta potrebbe essere l’ultima per un personaggio che ci ha accompagnati in questi anni. La quinta stagione di The Flash non sarà l’ultima. Tra le serie che sono state rinnovate in questi giorni dalla CW, c’è anche quella con protagonista Grant Gustin. Inoltre, uno …

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Official emoji debut for disabled folks, service dogs, waffles and more

A gaggle of new emoji have just been approved by the Unicode Consortium, meaning they’ll be standard across any platforms that choose to support them. This batch includes some much-needed representation for people with various disabilities, new animals from guide dogs to otters, food and many more objects.

Folks with disabilities get a nice variety of new emoji, though of course these aren’t exhaustive (for example, how do you represent a learning disability or mental illness?). Still, Apple’s proposal for the new emoji points out the necessity of, for example, having both mechanical and manual wheelchairs:

The type of assistive technology that is used by individuals is very personal and mandated by their own disability need. For someone who cannot self-propel and therefore uses an electric wheelchair, it would not be realistic to only show a manual chair. For those who can use a manual version, it would not be realistic to insinuate that they have less mobility than they do. Therefore, [...]  read more

Bombe a Foggia: operazione 'Chorus', 16 arresti

Polizia, Carabinieri e Guardia di finanza, dopo una "tempestiva indagine" coordinata dalla Procura della Repubblica di Foggia, stanno effettuando – dalle prime ore della notte – una vasta operazione di polizia giudiziaria denominata 'Chorus' nei
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iOS 13 release date, news and rumors

The forthcoming iOS 13 release date promises big changes for your iPhone and iPad, and it may be enough to scare up some good news for Apple’s sluggish iPhone sales.

What new iOS 13 feature can you expect? Basically everything that didn’t make it into iOS 12 and iOS 12.2, which has mostly focused on stability. The time has come for major UI and app redesigns.

iOS 13 rumors are still in their early stages. Most of the features we’ve heard about are ones left on the cutting room floor from a year ago. We’ve outlined those.

Update: New iOS 13 rumors shed light on what to expect from the 2019 software update, so get ready for a dark mode, tabs to view multiple versions of a single app and a brand new home screen. All are included below.

We’ve also listed our own iOS 13 feature predictions. These are new ideas that Apple could include in future software updates, and really should. Most are long overdue.

Here’s everything you need to know about iOS 13 in the [...]  read more

Sanremo 2019, Andrea Bocelli: Insieme al figlio Matteo al Festival

Andrea Bocelli, insieme al figlio Matteo, sono al Festival di Sanremo 2019  come super ospiti.

Andrea Bocelli, insieme al figlio Matteo Bocelli, sono sul palco del Festival di Sanremo 2019.
Una novità per Andrea Bocelli che, dopo aver raggiunto le quindici milioni di copie con il brano “Con Te Partirò”, torna al Festival di Sanremo 2019 insieme a ciò che tiene di più: suo figlio.

Abbiamo già visto Andrea Bocelli insieme a Matteo Bocelli con il brano “Fall On Me”, il cui video ha raggiunto e superato le trenta milioni di visualizzazioni, ma vederli sul palco di Sanremo 2019 è un’emozione unica, e questo è oggettivo.

Dopo il “Pronti e Via” del conduttore nonché direttore artistico Claudio Baglioni, e dopo i vari ringraziamenti da parte dei due compagni di avventura di quest’ultimo, Claudio Bisio e Virginia Raffaele, e dopo il “buon viaggio”, [...]  read more

Teens Don’t Use Facebook, but They Can’t Escape It, Either

Jace has never lived in a world without Facebook. His father already had an account by the time he was born. Even before Jace could understand the concept of Facebook, he felt its influence every time his dad had him stop what he was doing and pose for photos that were destined to be shared online.

Today, the 13-year-old Virginia teenager doesn’t use the site himself, even though his dad signed him up. “It’s kinda lame,” he says. Facebook has just always been there, in the background of his life—the place where the pictures his parents took of him ended up, where people left comments and likes.

There have been countless stories about how teens think Facebook, which turned [...]  read more