Space Photos of the Week: The Galaxy Next Door

Behold the Large Magellanic Cloud! This mesmerizing gathering of neon-beer-sign blue gas near our Milky Way is full of newly forming stars. The European Southern Observatory’s Multi Unit Spectroscopic Explorer instrument captured this photo during its Digitized Sky Survey 2, and then created a color composite image using data collected over several years. If you’re …

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The best Valentine’s Day flowers online delivery services: order now to avoid the doghouse

Get your Valentine’s Day flowers delivered online this year and avoid the drama of phoning florists on the day and listening to their cruel laughter as you ask if they can make a delivery that afternoon.

“I’ll just pick something up on the day” you say? Unless you get to your local florist first thing, or even the day before, you might not have much to choose from either. And no, petrol station flowers aren’t going to cut it. Do you really want to explain why your wilting bouquet smells of diesel?

Don’t panic though, because we’ve done our research and tracked down the best online flower delivery services in the UK (we’ve also covered the best options in the US). Delivery charges have been accounted for too, and we made sure to mention if you can allocate specific days for delivery. Some online florists charge extra for Valentine’s Day, which is to be expected really given the huge demand on the day.

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Fitbit’s newest fitness tracker is just for employees and health insurance members

Fitbit has a new fitness tracker, but it’s one that you can’t buy in stores.

The company quietly uncorked the Inspire on Friday, releasing its first product that is available only to corporate employees and health insurance members. The idea is to offer a fully subsidized wearable that helps the company dig deeper into the corporate and business worlds.

The new devices are available as a wristband with the option of a clip. The basic tracker’s features are pretty standard and include activity and sleep tracking, calory burn and alerts from a connected phone. A higher specced model includes heart rate tracking, GPS for fitness tracking and deeper analytics on sleep. No prices are displayed on the website, but eligible customers won’t need to pay.

In an interview with CNBC, CEO James Park said the company has 6.8 million users on wellness programs include Fitbit devices via employers, health [...]  read more

Sanremo 2019, Ascolti tv: Auditel ancora lontano dallo scorso anno | Quarta serata

Sanremo 2019: Ascolti ancora in calo rispetto lo scorso anno. Ecco i dati della quarta serata. La Rai rende noti i dati auditel relativi agli ascolti tv della quarta serata del Festival di Sanremo 2019 che si chiude in calo rispetto allo scorso anno con il 46,1%. Sanremo 2019: Ascolti ancora in calo La serata dei duetti fortemente voluta da Claudio Baglioni anche per il Festival di Sanremo 2019 segna …

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An Apple-Hacking Teen, SIM-Swap Indictments, and More Security News This Week

It’s frankly hard, at the end of this long week, to devote much mental energy to any news that’s not Jeff Bezos going to war with the National Enquirer, but stay with us! There’s a lot going on—including some intriguing developments in special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe.

Before we get too far into it, though, please take a moment to update to iOS 12.1.4, which fixes that very bad FaceTime group chat bug and a few more previously undisclosed vulnerabilities as well. Got it? Good, thank you! Now consider this new Chrome extension, from Google, which will help keep you from using passwords that have been exposed in data breaches. And for those of you who prefer cheaper Android devices, you’ll be happy to know that Google has also found a way to bring full disk encryption to underpowered hardware.

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Netflix reportedly paid $10M for campaign documentary featuring Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Freshman Congresswomen and meme queen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is headed to Netflix. The streaming service said this week that it has snapped up ‘Knock Down the House,’ a Sundance award-winning documentary profiling the campaigns of four female progressive candidates, including Ocasio-Cortez, in the 2018 midterm election.

The documentary raised money via a Kickstarter campaign last year and it grabbed the Festival Favorite Award at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival, beating 121 other contenders to land the highest number of audience votes.

That acclaim and the rising star of Ocasio-Cortez looks to have made the picture a hot commodity. Deadline reports that Netflix is spending $10 million to secure the film, a price that — if true — would make it the most expensive Sundance documentary deal to date. It apparently beat off competition from NEON, Focus, Hulu and Amazon to land the production, according to Deadline.

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Chrome will soon play friendly with your keyboard’s multimedia controls

Having keyboard control of your music and videos can be a real timesaver when you need to hear what someone is saying to you or a tune starts blaring out from your computer unexpectedly, and the next version of Chrome is ready to help.

From next month, the full release of Chrome 73 will support those multimedia keys you’ve got fixed on your keyboard, whether you’re using Windows, macOS or Chrome OS. Linux support is coming at a later date.

The feature will work whether or not the relevant tab is in the foreground too, so you’ll be able to stop YouTube or the web version of Spotify even if they’re buried in one of those background tabs you’ve forgotten about.

Google has very kindly put out a demo page where you can see the new features in action and make sure this is going to work with the keys you have set up on your keyboard. You’ll be able to skip forwards and backwards through playlists too.

More tweaks coming to Chrome OS

Yet more tweaks are coming to Chrome OS too, this time in [...]  read more