Torino, anarchici lanciano molotov contro il carcere

Il carcere delle Vallette a Torino nel mirino degli anarchici, dopo gli 11 arresti per la guerriglia urbana di sabato 9 febbraio durante una delle manifestazioni che vanno avanti da giovedì, giorno dello sgombero del centro sociale Asilo. Domenica sera
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Effetto governo, M5S crolla nei consensi

La sconfitta per il M5S in Abruzzo è bruciante: dimezza i consensi rispetto alle elezioni politiche del 4 marzo, quando aveva sfiorato il 40%, e perde terreno persino rispetto alle regionali del 2014. Tutto nonostante i leader, Luigi Di Maio in testa … by Livio Acerbo #greengroundit #thisisnews

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Amazon is buying home mesh router startup, Eero

Amazon is about to expand its smart home offerings in a big way. The company just announced its intention to acquire Bay Area-based home mesh router startup, Eero. It’s a pretty clear fit for the online retailer as it pushes to make Alexa feature in the connected home.

The move also makes sense for five-year-old Eero, which, in spite of being early to the home mesh router game and pulling in some high profile investors, has struggled. This time last year, the company laid off 30 employees — roughly one-fifth of its work force.

Amazon’s certainly got the deep pockets, and the addition of Alexa to routers from Huawei and Netgear last year have demonstrated that this category can be a viable one. It makes sense, as these coverage extending mesh routers, like Echo Dots, are designed to be plugged into every room of the home. 

Amazon has been picking up a number of high profile home automation startups in recent years, including Ring and Blink, as it looks [...]  read more

Amber Authenticate Protects Video Footage From Deepfakes and Tampering

Video has become an increasingly crucial to law enforcement tool, whether it comes from security cameras, police-worn body cameras, a bystander’s smartphone, or another source. But a combination of “deepfake” video manipulation technology and security issues that plague so many connected devices has made it difficult to confirm the integrity of that footage. A new project suggests the answer lies in cryptographic authentication.

Called Amber Authenticate, the tool is meant to run in the background on a device as it captures video. At regular, user-determined intervals, the platform generates “hashes”—cryptographically scrambled representations of the data—that then get indelibly recorded on a public blockchain. If you run that same snippet of video footage through the algorithm again, the hashes will be different if anything has changed in the file’s audio or video data—tipping you off to possible manipulation.

Users need to set [...]  read more

A Princess Vanishes. A Video Offers Alarming Clues

A Princess Vanishes. A Video Offers Alarming Clues
The adult daughter of Dubai’s ruler tried to escape a life of stultifying restrictions. She was captured at sea, forcibly taken back and has not been heard from since.

February 11, 2019 at 01:32PM
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