The best online Valentine’s Day flower delivery services: rose prices and more compared

There’s still plenty of time left to get your Valentine’s Day flowers delivered online this year for your better half and avoid the drama of phoning florists on the day. They’re going to be in no mood for your nonsense at 4:55pm on February 14th. Not that we’d ever leave it that late. Ahem…

As we’re increasingly finding for pretty much everything though, the wealth of online options makes life much easier if you’re too busy to get to a florist, not to mention transporting them home intact yourself always seems more difficult than it should be.

Don’t panic though, it’s time to leave it to the professionals. And that’s who we’ve tracked down today. We’ve done our research and tracked down the best online flower delivery services in the UK (we’ve also covered the best options in the US). Delivery charges have been accounted for too, and we made sure to mention if you can allocate specific days for delivery. Some online florists charge extra for Valentine’s Day, which is to be expected really given the huge demand on the day.

Don’t forget, most of these flower deliveries won’t come with a vase despite the photos, although we have found one store that does clearly label some deals as coming with one for free.

Order Valentine’s Day flowers now for on-time delivery

This florist has you covered for multiple Valentine’s Day delivery options. Options include everything from a single red rose (make it hover in a bell jar for extra points), a dozen red roses from just £29.99, huge bouquets, or if you’re wanting to avoid setting off those hay fever symptoms (despite reading an article all about flowers) you can get chocolates, balloons and more. Unlike most online flower delivery sites, we’re seeing multiple bouquets that come with a vase included, which is certainly better than a pint glass. Delivery prices for Valentine’s start from £5.95 although it may cost more if you leave it to the last minute.
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This store has been a specialist of personalised birthday cards for years now in the UK and it’s continued to find success with its other gift options. You’ll find tempting prices on flowers, gift sets and more on the site. If you’re after the classic dozen red roses, options priced from £20 are available. Moonpig also include Letterbox sets of flowers that can be posted through your door without you have to wait around at home. £4 for chosen day courier delivery seems very competitive too.
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Flying Flowers
This long-running florist boasts delivery of over 10 million bouquets delivered. So it’s no surprise to see a great selection of Valentine’s themed arrangements available in its vast selection. Delivery is FREE and you can allocate a delivery date. That free delivery combined with a dozen red roses for £24.99 (£10 less than usual today), is a great offer.
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Bloom & Wild
If there’s one thing that makes Bloom & Wild stand out from most other online flower delivery services, it’s the excellent selection of Letterbox options. That’s right, specially selected flowers, carefully packaged in a box that’ll fit through your letter box. You can get a dozen red roses from £33. Not the cheapest option, but perhaps the most convenient for if you want to get the flowers set up at home in advance without having to wait around to accept delivery. Delivery is free most days, but will cost £6 to ensure arriving on Valentine’s Day.
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Last, but most certainly not least, there’s always Amazon. The online mega-retailer has a strong selection of florist partners for a huge range of Valentine’s Day flowers that can be ordered online and delivered on time. Amazon Prime members can benefit from super fast delivery too on select bouquets. If you’re after a dozen red roses, they can be yours from £26.99 delivered.
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More Valentine’s sales and deals

If you’re after something different for Valentine’s Day, we’ve rounded up a few more retailers below. These stores have dedicated sales and promotions running right now for gift ideas to help you out. Need some offers to get you going first, well Amazon has some great Amazon Echo deals ahead of Valentine’s and there’s a great Kindle Paperwhite deal promotion today too.

If you’re running really short of time, we’ve also put together a guide to making a free Valentine’s Day card online.

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