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The Wikipedia article of the day for February 14, 2019 is Chains of Love (TV series).
Chains of Love is an American dating game show that aired for six episodes in April and May 2001 on the United Paramount Network (UPN). Adapted from a Dutch television series, it presents a man or woman who is chained to four members of the opposite sex over four days and nights. This person, identified as the Picker, is given $10,000 and can remove three contestants one at a time. The Picker can give a portion of the money to each eliminated participant. When left with a single partner, the Picker can choose to either split the money or keep it. Madison Michele (pictured) hosted each episode. Originally ordered by NBC, UPN produced it as part of its campaign to run more unscripted programming to boost the network’s ratings. Media outlets have identified Chains of Love as part of a renaissance in reality television. The show’s premise divided television critics, who compared it in structure and tone to Blind Date and The Dating Game.